How to Link to Us

We offer many badges, awards, and images on that you may want to display on your website, blog, or profile. However, it's not easy for everyone to know what to do to be able to display their badges so other people can view them. So we can created some easy instructions on how to do this.

How it Works

We provide the HTML code and host the badges/images for your convivence. The HTML will work on any website without errors and since we're hosting the badges and images on our server you don't need any upload anything to your site. Just copy the source code for the link/badge you prefer and insert it into the HTML of your website.

HTML Code Example

Below is an example of HTML code that you will need to copy and paste into your webpage. All pages on TheBeardedDragon that provide badges/links will have a section similar to what you see below.

Bearded Dragon Quiz
Copy the HTML Code Below

We have provided instructions below for most websites. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact us.

WordPress Sites

You can add the code we supply for the link/badge to any page or post very easily. The below steps should work for most WordPress sites:

  • Login to your WP Admin panel
  • Find the page or post you want the link/badge added to
  • Click on the HTML tab to view the source code the page uses
  • Copy and paste the HTML code for the link into the area of the page you want the link/badge displayed
  • Click the button to save your changes and Publish the page
  • That's it! The badge/link should now be visible on your page

Blog Websites

The following steps will work for most websites or blogs that do not use WordPress.

  • Login and navigate to the page/post you want the link/badge displayed on
  • Look for a button that lets you view or edit the source code (sometimes called "code" or "HTML") and click on it
  • Copy and paste the HTML code we supply into the area of the page you want the link/badge displayed
  • Click the button to save/publish the changes you made
  • Verify the badge/link is displaying correctly

All Other Sites

The code we supply will work on any website, you just need to be able to edit the source code to insert the link/badge. Most 3rd party hosts provide instructions on how to do this. If you're unfamiliar with your website or modifying the HTML code you may request your site designer to help you do this. This is a task that is frequently done so it shouldn't take any longer than 1-2 minutes for someone familiar with your site to make the change.

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