Bearded Dragon Owner Quiz

Think you know what it takes to be a good bearded dragon owner? Answer each question below to see how you rank. Some questions are worth more points than others.

1) Which of the following reptiles is a bearded dragon?

Choose the image of the bearded dragon.


2) Are younger bearded dragons easier to keep as pets than older bearded dragons?

3) Where do you get the bugs to feed a bearded dragon?

Select all options that are correct.

4) What should the lighting in a bearded dragon's tank be like?

5) If you purchase multiple bearded dragons, should you put them in the same tank?

6) If you already have a tank with other lizards, should you put a bearded dragon in that tank?

7) What type of cover/lid should you get for a bearded dragon's tank (if the tank opens from the top)?

8) Select the "Safe" bugs to feed bearded dragons:

Select all options that are correct.

9) If you notice your bearded dragon has started eating less and is sleeping more, what should you do?

Select all options that are correct.

10) Select the plants/fruits/vegetables are safe for a bearded dragon to eat?

Select all options that are correct.

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