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Below is a list of all the reptile rescues that we have found (we are still searching for more, so if you find any please contact us and let us know). Unlike other pets, reptiles require unique environments, specialized diets, and someone with knowledge about their species to be able to keep them happy and healthy. With this being the case, it is no easy task to take care of multiple reptiles (especially if they are of different species).

While reptiles are popular pets, they are not as common as cats or dogs, so many of these rescues don't receive the donations they deserve for the hard work their staff puts into rescuing these animals. So if you know of a reptile that needs to be rescued (whether bearded dragons, snakes, lizards, or turtles) or if you wish to make a donation, please contact one of the rescues below.

Reptile Rescue Award

While would love to make donations to all of the reptile rescues listed below, we do not have the resources available to do this (after domain, hosting, and website maintenance fees we have very little revenue). However, we still wanted to show our appreciation of the time and effort rescues have put into saving reptiles and bettering their lives.

So we decided to create an award that shows our appreciation of their efforts to helping reptiles everywhere. We hope that this small token of our appreciation will let these rescues know that their hard work doesn't go unnoticed and without their dedication to reptiles, many animals would have never found happiness.

Reptile Rescue AwardPlease note: Just because a rescue below doesn't have an award issued, doesn't necessarily mean they did not deserve the award. We have not contacted many of these rescues.


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Ceduna Wombat and Fauna Rescue Lizards, Snakes
Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc. Lizards, Turtles
International Crocodile Rescue Crocodiles
Kimberley Wildlife Rescue Inc. All Reptiles
Rhook's Reptile Rescue Snakes
Snake Rescue Snakes


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Alberta Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Alberta Turtle & Tortoise Society Turtles Yes
Edmonton Reptile & Amphibian Society All Reptiles
GNP Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Reptile Rescue, Adoption, & Education Society All Reptiles
Reptiles Rock All Reptiles
Snake in the Grass Snakes

Hong Kong

RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Hong Kong Reptile & Amphibian Society All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Bali Reptile Rescue Snakes Yes

United Kingdom

RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Bearded Dragon Rescue Bearded Dragons
Berkshire Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Brians Exotics All Reptiles
Cozy Cove Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Di's Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Lancashire Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Luton Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Medway Exotic Rescue All Reptiles
Norfolk Tortoise Club Tortoises
Norfolk Tortoise Rescue Tortoises
North East Reptile Rescue All Reptiles Yes
North Wales Raptor and Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Proteus Reptile Trust All Reptiles
Red's Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Reptile Rescue Eden All Reptiles
Reptile Rescue & Removal Service Inc. All Reptiles Yes
RSPCA Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Rugby Reptiles All Reptiles
Sams Species Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary All Reptiles
Scottish Reptile Exotic Rescue All Reptiles
Scottish Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Second Chance Reptiles All Reptiles
Shell's Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Sunny Side Lizard Rescue Lizards
Swindon Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Turtle Rescue UK Turtles
Twilight Sanctuary for Reptiles All Reptiles
Warm Hearts All Reptiles
Winchester & Hampshire Tortoise Rescue Tortoises

United States


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Alabama Reptile Rescue Lizards


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
J&R Reptile Rescue Snakes
Mesa Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Snakes 'n' Critters All Reptiles Yes


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Reptile Rescue Center All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Beach Cities Reptile Rescue Lizards, Turtles
California Turtle & Tortoise Club Turtles
Creepy Critters Rescue All Reptiles
Desert Tortoise Rescue Turtles
Exceptional Exotic Rescue Lizards
iReptile Rescue All Reptiles
Mclovins Creatures and Rescue All Reptiles
Norcal Reptile and Exotics Rescue All Reptiles
North Bay Tegu & Monitor Rescue Large Lizards
Reptile Rescue Orange County All Reptiles Yes
San Diego Herpetological Society All Reptiles
San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society Turtles
S.C.H.A.R. All Reptiles
Sonoma County Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Trancas Turtle and Koi Rescue Turtles Yes


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Colorado Reptile Humane Society All Reptiles
Free Spirit Farm Rescue All Reptiles
Randy's Turtle Rescue Turtles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Caged Critter Coalition, Inc All Reptiles
Turtle Talk Rescue Turtles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Ball Python Rescue Snakes
Citrus Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Jacksonville Herpetological Society All Reptiles
Turtle Rescue USA Turtles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Richmond Reptile Rescue All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
All American Reptile Rescue All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Western Mass Turtle Rescue Turtles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
New England Amphibian & Reptile Rescue All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary Alligators Yes
Suburban Jungle All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Desert Rescue Animal Sanctuary All Reptiles
Extreme Reptile Rescue Snakes
Reptile Rescue All Reptiles

New York

RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
R.A.R.E. All Reptiles
Snakeman's Snake Shows Snakes Yes
Turtle Rescue of Long Island Turtles

North Carolina

RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Born Wild Wildlife Rescue All Reptiles
Carolina Reptile Rescue & Education Center All Reptiles
CCSB Reptile Rescue All Reptiles Yes
Midgard Serpents Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary All Reptiles Yes
NC Iguana Rescue Association Iguanas
North Carolina Herpetological Society All Reptiles
Reptile Rescue of the Carolinas All Reptiles
Rics Reptile Rescue Lizards, Snakes
RJ's Reptile Rescue Snakes
Scales & Tails Exotic Pet Rescue Lizards, Snakes
Triangle Iguana Rescue Iguanas
Turtle Rescue Team Turtles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Arrowhead Reptile Rescue All Reptiles Yes
Mike's Snake Rescue Snakes
MV Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Reptile and Exotic Rescue All Reptiles
SnakeEyes Reptile Rescue Snakes Yes


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Beautiful Dragons Bearded Dragons
Cowlitz Reptile Rescue Bearded Dragons
Hart's Reptile World All Reptiles Yes


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Aglyphic Creatures Rescue & Sanctuary All Reptiles
Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary All Reptiles
Reptile Rescue All Reptiles
Triple J Reptile Rescue All Reptiles

South Carolina

RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
SC-C.A.R.E.S. All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Reptiliacs Rescue All Reptiles
Saving Scales Rescue All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
DFW Reptile and Rescue All Reptiles
Reptile Hospice and Sanctuary of Texas All Reptiles
Reptile and Small Animal Rescue of Texas All Reptiles
South Texas Herpetology Association All Reptiles
Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Upper Valley Reptile Group All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
VA Reptile Rescue Inc. All Reptiles
VIIPER All Reptiles Yes


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Madison Area Herpetological Society All Reptiles
The Serpent Sanctuary All Reptiles


RescueSpecialtyIssued Award
Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society All Reptiles

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