The Bearded Dragon

Will You Be A Good Bearded Dragon Owner?

Answer each question below to the best of your knowledge. Some questions are worth more points than others.

1) Which of the following is a bearded dragon:

2) Are younger bearded dragons easier to keep as pets than older bearded dragons?

A) Yes, younger dragons require a smaller tank and less food, thus they are easier to take care of.
B) No, younger dragons are more fragile, need more food, and require more maintenance making them more difficult to take care of.
C) Neither, they are both equally difficult to take care of.

3) Where do you get the bugs to feed a bearded dragon? (Select all that are correct)

A) At the pet store or from companies that sell reptile food.
B) Anywhere that sells crickets and worms like outdoor stores and bait shops.
C) You catch them in your back yard.

4) What should the lighting in a bearded dragon's tank be like?

A) Bearded dragons do best with natural light, so the only light you need should come from a large window.
B) All you need is a light to illuminate the tank, so any fish tank light will do.
C) You need a light for warmth and a light that gives off UV rays.

5) If you purchase multiple bearded dragons, should you put them in the same tank?

A) Only if they are young, mating, or sometimes if they are all female - but generally you shouldn't.
B) Yes, as long as they are all the same age.
C) No, you should never put more than one bearded dragon in a tank regardless of their age or sex.

6) If you already have a tank with other lizards, should you put a bearded dragon in that tank?

A) Yes, it's okay as long as none of the lizards are bearded dragons.
B) No, you should never mix lizard species with each other because of aggression and bacterial contamination.
C) Bearded dragons are never aggressive so you can put them whereever and they will be ok.

7) What type of cover/lid should you get for a bearded dragon's tank (if the tank opens from the top)?

A) You should only get a screen top because other lids can interfere with UV rays and humidity.
B) As long as you can see through it, it's ok.
C) Any tank lid or fish tank lid will do. Bearded dragons won't increase the humidity and they get the light they need through the glass.

8) Select the "Safe" bugs to feed bearded dragons:

A) Crickets
B) Redworms
C) Fireflies / Lightning Bugs

9) If you notice your bearded dragon has started eating less and is sleeping more, what should you do?

A) No need to panic, he/she is probably brumating so you just need to make sure the behavior is that of other brumating dragons.
B) Your dragon is probably ill, you need to take him/her to your local vet to make sure everything is ok.
C) This is normal behavior. Bearded dragons will do this every few weeks.

10) Select the plants/fruits/vegetables are safe for a bearded dragon to eat?

A) Avocados
B) Bananas
C) Carrots

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