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Bearded Dragon - (< 1 Y.o.) For Sale By Owner In Central New Jersey

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  • Seller:sjaponte
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My family and I have decided to seek a new home for our beardie for personal reasons. With a new born and two toddlers and changes to our daily schedule, it has become difficult to maintain our beardie.
He is less than a year old and has a nice orange morph. He enjoys dubia roaches mostly and most greens. I can provide pictures on request.

We purchased him in New Jersey less than a year ago with various items including the tank and fixtures that would go with him. The price is negotiable but we are trying to get back some portion of all of the money we'e spent on him and his things.

The most important thing for us is that he goes to someone who knows how to care for him properly.Please contact me with any questions including details about location. --> 2016864821Thank you!Steven is used as a means for sellers to list/promote their bearded dragons for sale. The actual transaction including payment and delivery is the responsibility of the buying and selling parties.

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