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Selling Female Adult BD With Full High Range Set Up

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Recently rescued my bearded dragon 3 weeks ago from the school (as she was living with another BD) I work at to find out I am really allergic to her!Bought full high spec set up. I am really really sad to let her go. She is lovely. I still have the boxes for a lot of the equipment as it is only 3 weeks old. - 4x2x2 viv- High range dimming thermostat- two thermometers with probes- tiles and slates - log- basking shelf- hide hole- bowls- tweezers- bug box- calcium- astro turf- Decorations (vines and fake plants)- basking light and fitting- UVB bulb light and fittingBulbs only 3 weeks old and the best quality.The set up cost a lot more than being sold for. is used as a means for sellers to list/promote their bearded dragons for sale. The actual transaction including payment and delivery is the responsibility of the buying and selling parties.

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