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I'll be moving out of home (interstate) and won't be able to take my beloved beardie with me. I've had him for 7 years and he's has a great chill temperament and I love him lots, so he is in need of a loving home. (Presumed male).

The beardie had a few health issues when he was growing up, as attached is the bump on the tail (presumed to be once broken by a vet). He is also IMO smaller than a typical beardie.Very keen to sell the enclosure with him, asking for a total of 350 with everything included.

Assumed male.

The enclosure is approx 120cm long, 60cm wide and 45cm high.
The enclsoure will come with
- 2x heat lamps
- UV light
- heat mat
- rock
- fake log
- fake plants
- water bowl
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