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Two Male Bearded Dragons For Adoption

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Located in San Antonio, TX, their names are Harry and Ron. I have had them since May and I love them to pieces, however due to ongoing personal health issues, I feel the best course of action is adoption. They have quite a bit of stuff that comes along with them as well. They have a large enclosure that was quite expensive and is very well put together with items for inside the enclosure as well. They have reptile calcium and vitamins, puppy pads, and cleaner for the enclosure. There is a relatively large size Dubia roach colony with everything you need for them including a heater, roach food, water crystals, and little dishes to put their food and crystals in as well as a dish to put the roaches in when feeding the dragons. I have additional supplies and items as well, but the list is really to show how they have all of the necessities. I want to make sure they are going to a great and loving home that can give them more time and attention than I am able to. I have invested quite a bit of money for everything that I have, definitely over $1,000, but I am only asking $400 for the supplies and a $100 adoption fee. Must pick up in San Antonio. is used as a means for sellers to list/promote their bearded dragons for sale. The actual transaction including payment and delivery is the responsibility of the buying and selling parties.

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