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Bearded Dragon (1 Yr. Old) + Terrarium/Accessories

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Looking for a reptile or bearded dragon lover to adopt our 1-year old bearded dragon named Rocky. We got him initially as a pet for our son, but he has lost interest and we aren't really "reptile people," so we'd love for someone who is to adopt him. :-) Ideal for someone who has experience with bearded dragons. Will include his terrarium and any/all of his accessories, as desired. The terrarium is handmade of solid wood and real tile for the flooring. Extremely durable (and heavy). Measures 52.5" long x 25" wide x 32" high. Comes with a stand and built-in lighting. Accessories include two different food dishes, water bowl, cave/rock, hammock, and log. $50 for Rocky, $75 with accessories, $125 with accessories and terrarium. Good value, as terrarium and accessories are worth $250+! is used as a means for sellers to list/promote their bearded dragons for sale. The actual transaction including payment and delivery is the responsibility of the buying and selling parties.

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