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Little Friend Needs A New Home!

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  • Seller:Siobhanm40
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Hi, I'm looking to re-home my little friend. He seems to hate me. And I don't know if I'm caring for him well enough. I feed him plenty but he just has never liked me. I'm a college student. With everything going on, I hate to see my friend go but the time and money I am not able to commit right now.
He/she was adopted in June from petsmart. Adequate lights. He will come fully supplied for I won't need the equipment. Diet is full of essential vegetables favorite kale, arugala, bell pepper, herbs and more. Worms, crickets, roaches weekly. I would say about 7/8months old. Healthy size, normal poops. Just stubborn, and hard for me to earn trust. Able tonhand feed, doesn't like to be held. Will run away.
Would prefer to remain local to avoid shipping cost. Location is massachusetts. Willing to negotiate travel and time.
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