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Dunner Male Bearded Dragon

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"Wharf" is an adorable regular scale dunner! This little boy has a big personality. He loves dubia roaches and horn worms. When he is hungry Wharf can get squirmy but most of the time he likes to be held and have his head or beard stroked. Wharf is not a big fan of baths. While he is smaller than his tank mates his is a tough little guy and won't let the other dragons push him around. This little guy is a good eater and will grow into a beautiful dragon that will make a wonderful companion!P Price is negotiable!
Weighed 12/29: 30 grams (he's over 7 inches long)

Dam: Jaws- leather back from Bloodbank Dragons
Sire: Captain- orange trans leather back dunner het hypo produced by Josh D
* feel free to text or email me for more pictures! Pictures of the adults are available and both parents are on site.
"Wharf" is a nickname given to this lizard to differentiate this dragon from his siblings and match the personality I feel he has, you may name him whatever you want.- Sex can not be guaranteed

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