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Young Bearded Dragon For Sale New Jersey

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  • Seller:Melissasenkel123
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Hello, about a month ago I purchased a bearded dragon from my local petco. I dont know what the gender is but i decided to go with male and named him monty. I thought this little guy was so cute (still do) and my friend convinced me to buy him. Truthfully it was an impulse decision, i have a lot going on at home so I wanted something/someone to make me happy and that was my first mistake. Without doing any research I bought him and didn't know anything about bearded dragons. Now that I've had him for a little over a month and I've done my research it saddens me to say this but I know I can't properly care for Monty. I would like to keep him but I really don't know enough about him and I don't want this little guy to die in my care when he could have had a nice life. For someone who doesn't know shit about lizards and has never really even held one before this I have to say I have to be doing a decent job because me and him definitely have a bond. He likes to climb all over my chest and arms and go onto my head. He also snuggles in my neck and just chills on my shoulder. He's a very good lizard and calm in my opinion (I really don't know anything and he seems to like me and be okay with me so that has to say something lol). I was told by the people who work at petco that they can get lethargic during the winter and I don't really understand his behaviors, his eating habits have changed a bit as well since it's gotten really cold. I don't know all I know is I want this guy to live a long life and be cared for properly. If you are interested you can contact me at I live in middlesex county new Jersey. I would prefer we meet up some place and I gave him to you then. I would like to see where he is going to be living like his habitat and if it would be possible if I could also see his progress as he grows up, whether it's social media or you email me updates throughout the years I would really love that cause like I said I really did bond with this little guy it's just I know I can't give him the home he deserves as he gets older and I know I should find him one now. is used as a means for sellers to list/promote their bearded dragons for sale. The actual transaction including payment and delivery is the responsibility of the buying and selling parties.

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