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Leopard Gecko Morphs

Leopard geckos are easy to breed in captivity and because of this are a favorite among breeders. There are also several subspecies and closely related species that were most likely imported and bred among other gecko species creating a large amount of genetic diversity. All of this combined with the fact that breeders have been breeding leopard geckos since the 1970's means there is so much genetic diversity that vast amounts of leopard gecko morphs exist with traits ranging in different sizes, colors, and patterns.


Leopard Gecko Morphs List

A morph is a difference in color, size, or other genetics. Due to leopard geckos popularity with breeders and selective breeding, there are well over 100 different types of leopard gecko morphs available today. This page will cover some of the most common leopard gecko morphs available.

- A -
Afgahan APTOR
Afghan Xanthic
Afghan Bold Stripe
Afghan Mack Snow RAPTOR
Afghan Super Snow RAPTOR
AKA Enigma Eclipse
Albino Red Stripe
Albino Sykes Emerine
APTOR Enigma
Aurora DADAR
- B -
Banana Blazing Blizzard
Banana Blizzard
Banded Eclipse
Banded Fire
Banded Fire Tangerine
Bandit Tornado
Bell Albino
Bell Albino Enigma
Bell Albino Jungle
Bell Albino Super Snow
Bell Blazing Blizzard
Bell Hybino
Bell Mack Snow
Bell Red-Eyed Snow Enigma
Bell Sunglow
Bell Sunglow Carrot Tail
Bell Sunglow Enigma
Black Hole
Black Pearl
Black Velvet
Blazing Blizzard
Blazing Blizzard Super Snow
Blue Fire
Blood Eclipse
Blood Hypo
Blood Jungle
Bold Red-Eyed Enigma
Bold Stripe
Bold Stripe Bell Albino
Bold Stripe Mac Snow
Bright Line Bell Albino
- C -
Carrot Head
Carrot Tail
- D -
Diablo Blanco
- E -
Eclipse-Eyed Blizzard
Eclipse Enigma
Eclipse Junble
Electric Tangerine
Emerine Bell Albino
Emerine RAPTOR
Emerine Reverse Stripe
Enigma Mack Snow
Enigma Tangerine Giant
Enigma Tremper Giant
Extreme Emerine
- F -
Fire Enigma
Fire Tangerine
Florida Albino
- G -
Gem Snow
- H -
Halloween Mask
High Yellow
Hyper Melanistic
- J -
JBR Glow
- L -
Las Vegal Albino
Line Bred Snow
- M -
Mack Snow
Mack Snow Albino
Mack Snow Blizzard
Mack Snow Enigma
Mack Snow Fasciolatus
Mack Snow Chost
Mack Snow Patternless
Mack Snow Patternless Albino
Mack Snow RAPTOR
Marble Eye
Midnight Blizzard
Murphy Patternless
- N -
Nieves Tangerine
- P -
Patternless Stripe
- R -
Raining Red Stripe
Rainwater Albino
Rainwater Blazing Blizzard
Rainwater Hybino
Rainwater Mack Snow
Raptor Creamsicle
Red Stripe
Reverse Stripe
- S -
Snake Eyes
Sunglow RAPTOR
Sunglow Super Giant
Super Hypo
Super Hypo Tangerine
Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail
Super Nova
Super Raptor
Super Snow
Super Snow Albino
Super Snow Albino Enigma
Super Snow Blizzard
Super Snow Enigma
Super Snow Enigma Eclipse
Super Snow Patternless
Super Stealth
- T -
Tangerine Tornado
Texas Albino
Tremper Albino
Tremper Blazing Blizzard
Tremper Hybino
Tremper Mack Snow
TUG Snow
- W -
White and Yellow
White Side
Wild Type


Leopard Gecko Species

The leopard gecko species name is Eublepharis macularius, which in Greek means "Good Eyelids" and "Spots". The leopard gecko is closely related to many other types of geckos and has the following sub-species:
  • Eublepharis macularius afghanicus (discovered 1976)
  • Eublepharis macularius fasciolatus (discovered 1864)
  • Eublepharis macularius macularius (discovered 1854)
  • Eublepharis macularius montanus (discovered 1976)
  • Eublepharis macularius smithi (discovered 1981)


Leopard Gecko Information

Leopard Gecko InfoLearn information about leopard geckos, including lifespan, size, and keeping them as pets.

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Finding Leopard Geckos for Sale

Leopard Geckos for SaleFind the best places to get leopard geckos as pets and learn how to pick a healthy gecko.

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Leopard Gecko
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