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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below.

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How to Order Safely from Sellers makes it easy to sell your bearded dragon online for free. We want the best experience for everyone looking to purchase, adpot, or rehome a beardie, so here are some tips to help make sure you're dealing with a legitimate seller:
  1. Avoid International Transactions Be wary of sellers wanting you to send money to a different country for payment. Even if they appear to be a legitimate seller, shipping bearded dragons is tricky as they are delicate creatures - so it's best to verify the seller is in your country before buying.
  2. Avoid High-Risk Payment Methods
    • Western Union
    • Gift Cards
    • Releasing Back Account Info
    These payment methods are not safe to use as you cannot receive a refund once the payment is sent. If you're paying with a credit card, only do so through a secure website (https) - don't give credit card information via email or over the phone.
  3. Buy In-Person Unless they Are An Established Breeder Shipping a bearded dragon is not easy and HAS to be done properly. If the seller is not an established breeder, do not have the bearded dragon shipped to you. An established breeder knows how to properly ship bearded dragons and will have a business name, website/facebook page, and should be easy to find online.

Pair of bearded dragons $125
Citrus hypo male 400 grams. Redtiger Leatherback female 300 grams.$250 both Jan 6th 2018 115Views BrentParker0355 View Listing chevron_right
2 bearded dragons and tank $300
Both are 3 years old Comes with tankDual heat & light lampHeating padFoodVitamins Calcium Tank accessories...skull, log, cactus Jan 7th 2018 56Views Gurosh05 View Listing chevron_right
2 bearded dragons and habitat $300
I'm selling my two female bearded dragons for 300 price can be negotiated they have to stay together they come with habitat and food and decor. They are both full grown but one has a stunted growth so she isn't as big the is little I'm asking cash a... Jan 8th 2018 37Views Karizmadenise View Listing chevron_right
adult beardie for sale $300
His name is Spyro and he's about 4 years old . He's completely healthy and loves to play outside of his cage and interact with people . He eats super worms and a variety of fresh fruit everyday .This will include his cage, water bowl , food bowl ,Ext... Jan 12th 2018 40Views Ogash View Listing chevron_right
Selling a year old bearded dragon. $150
Unfortunately and with much regret, I am having to sell my bearded dragon Rex.Got him when he was around 2 months old In feb this year. So it's believed he is around 1 now.Looking to sell him for £200Including:Rex, his vivarium with all included in ... Jan 13th 2018 56Views Ashleighm View Listing chevron_right
Youth fancy bearded dragon $250
Approximately 6 month old bearded dragon for sale. Comes from a loving home and in great health. We just are unable to keep it. This includes:Bearded Dragon20 gal tankUVA and UBA light set up Water bowl, food tray and bark archSmall cricket keeper Jan 13th 2018 35Views Bethdee View Listing chevron_right
Two adult bearded dragons ready to breed $400
Have a male and female bearded Dragon that are ready to breed but I work a lot and don't have the time to give them the attention they need. They are kid friendly they do get handled just not as much as I would like and I would want then to go to som... Jan 14th 2018 28Views hollydawn4723 View Listing chevron_right
9 month old bearded dragon with big tank and accessories $300
I'm going to college and I have to get rod of him. He's a beautiful baby and comes with a 40L 36x18x18 tank, 1 medium water bowl, 1 big water bowl, all lights, wooden arch, mealworm dish, 2 good trays, 1 hammock, 1 plastic tree, 2 temperature readers... Jan 15th 2018 42Views ameehan99 View Listing chevron_right
Leatherback Translucent Poss Het. Witblits Bearded Dragon for Sale $250
220 gram Male for Sale. Very energetic little guy and will eat like a monster! No injuries or health issues. Can send more pictures if interested. Accepting payment through PayPal and I can ship him. (Price includes shipping) Jan 15th 2018 42Views kaitkay24 View Listing chevron_right
Two male bearded dragons for sale $150
I have two male bearded dragons for sale. Both have been together their entire lives so I would like to keep them together. My fiancé and I are moving and sadly cannot bring them with us. Jan 16th 2018 30Views Erobertson97 View Listing chevron_right
2 month old bearded dragon $150
I am selling my 2 month old bearded dragon. He is a great pet and I love him, however, as a college student I am sadly not allowed to have him at my apartment. I am trying to re-home him and also have everything needed to take care of him. The price ... Jan 3rd 2018 359Views Anna.d View Listing chevron_right
8 month old female bearded dragon with tank $300
8 month old playful female bearded dragon very sweet and easy to hold. Comes with a 100+ gallon tank with sand, little fake cactus, a heat rock, fake log, big basking rock, and fake leaves, also comes with a heat/vitamin lamp and a regular light lamp... Dec 31st 2017 210Views Isacchiggins777 View Listing chevron_right
White Hypo Leatherback $175
Otto is a slightly agressive adult hypo leatherback. He is almost 3 years old and is a great eater. He was a prize breader so I'm asking for 175 plus shipping Dec 30th 2017 441Views Steven's reptiles View Listing chevron_right
Juvenile Bearded Dragon with Tank and Supplies $225
Selling healthy 6 month old bearded dragonMoving out to a smaller location so I can't take him with me50 gallon tank and everything in itUVB lightbulb, heat lamp and heat bulb, night-time bulb, reptile carpet, repticalcium, water dishCannot deliver, ... Dec 30th 2017 160Views suazocheks24 View Listing chevron_right
Female bearded dragon $75
Aquarium, lights, accessories included. Located on Camano island Wa. Pick up preferred Dec 30th 2017 146Views Tbear612 View Listing chevron_right
2 Dragons and set up $225
Hi guys! I am still trying to find a good home for my two female Bearded Dragons! 50 gallon Tank included! They are a little over a year old but both healthy and growing well. One has an eye injury from youth but that doesn't stop her! They both like... Dec 29th 2017 154Views ZimmermanAD View Listing chevron_right
Female Bearded Dragons $120
2 Female Dragons One is a dunner and the other is original need out ASAP landlord doesn't let us keep them. Dec 26th 2017 346Views TheMoon19 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon little over 1 $250
plz no rude comments I'm in Grand Rapids mi an she is a little over one she eats super worms an vegetables lettuce An has some dragon food as so has bed water bowl dry food bowl an logs heat lamp light pm me 250 for all Dec 24th 2017 182Views Keshira17 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon Looking For A Good Home $100
Young hyper dragon that im looking to sell as i already own one, and my buddy gave me hisNo clue on age, just know shes youngOnly dragon included Dec 24th 2017 195Views walker23 View Listing chevron_right
Selling a yellow bearded dragon $65
Am in college and family does not want to take care of lizard properly. Need to keep lights and tank so looking for owner that has equipment already. Also is very picky and will often times refuse to eat many items. Dec 23rd 2017 482Views Boefast View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon $60
Female & male 60 each , don't want them anymore or a trade for 2 babies depending on the type. They are in good health , If you're interested you can email me Dec 21st 2017 336Views Kaysaun2016 View Listing chevron_right
Beautiful baby beardie $300
Bearded for sale young baby loves hanging onto people porching in chests cuddling. Comes with lighting setup cage and animal accessories.All you see is what you get gear and all. Dec 21st 2017 211Views John.yode View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon 6 years old female $500
Healthy adult female bearded dragon 6 years old Student moving to college, needs loving family homecage lights Dec 19th 2017 62Views shunyady05 View Listing chevron_right
Hypo Trans. Paradox Bearded Dragon [SALE] $900
I have an adult male Hypo Trans. Paradox Bearded dragon up for sale, got him from SpiceDragon. He is about 1 year old, good breeder. Email me for more pics. Asking for $900.00 Dec 19th 2017 376Views Tydragon11 View Listing chevron_right
Socal Bearded Beauty $100
Good looking 2 yr old bearded dragon (unkown sex). Looking for a southern California buyer. Will Not ship. Will sell with complete setup or by itself. Dec 26th 2017 117Views deanhigs View Listing chevron_right
(Los Angeles) 2 year old male Bearded Dragon W/ Terrarium, Lights, and Food $150
Based in Los Angeles Area. Due to changes in school and work as well as the fact that I will be moving soon I find myself unable to care for him anymore. Looking to find him a good home for the future though. Comes with 30 Gallon Terrarium, Decoratio... Dec 27th 2017 161Views GregReh View Listing chevron_right
1 year Old Male Beardy, includes Terrarium, & Lights (FLORIDA BOY) $200
Elliott is very docile, he is great with toddlers and other pets. Elliot likes our dog and guinea pig. He has been known to sleep in the bed with my teenage daughter, never hissed or bitten anyone. We are looking to re-home Elliot as the expenses are... Dec 18th 2017 323Views KingElliot View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon pair $200
I no longer have time to soend with them being a student with a job, they are about one year okd and have never been apart one is brown(female) and ine is more orange (male) Dec 17th 2017 336Views Anne View Listing chevron_right
Juvenile Hypo Zero het. Trans Bearded Dragon for Sale!! $450
I have here a male hypo Zero juvenile beardie het. Trans. I got him off of Phantom Dragon. I also have a juvenile het. Zero, hypo beardie female from SpiceDragon. She will be a great pair with the male Zero. Asking 450 for the Zero Asking 150 for the... Dec 16th 2017 490Views Tydragon11 View Listing chevron_right
Beautiful bearded dragon $350
He is 4-5 years old. Unfortunately I can't keep him and it hurts my heart that I have to do what I'm doing. Dexter is beautiful with some red in his pattern. Loves attention and to be played with. If interested please call me or messenger .also inclu... Dec 16th 2017 260Views karebear3738 View Listing chevron_right
Beautiful bearded dragon 3-4 years old.0 very sweet and lovieable. Shee has a 40 gal breeder tank, Ashe also comes with supplies $300
My name is Karrie ny number is 248-343-1904. I can text you pics if interested. Dec 16th 2017 145Views karebear3738 View Listing chevron_right
Bowser the Bearded Dragon $250
Meet Bowser the Bearded Dragon! We've loved having "Bowsie" in our home, but can no longer keep her. She's a great pet - awesome for kids! We're including, in addition to the Dragon, a 30-gallon tank, heat lamp, UV light, basking rock, climbing tree,... Dec 13th 2017 184Views philholbrook View Listing chevron_right
8month bearded dragon with everything included $100
This price includes the 10gallon tank, lights , sand mat and cloth mat ,water and food bowels, log, cricket keeper and all accessories. I spent a lot on everything so this is an amazing deal I just no longer can take care of him it breaks my heart t... Dec 13th 2017 569Views Titomolina View Listing chevron_right
In Need of a Good Home $150
Male bearded dragon, about 2 years old. Includes tank, all lights, fixtures, all decorations, and anything else I have that is his. He's in perfect health and friendly as can be. Cash if possible and someone located in Southern California, unless you... Dec 12th 2017 179Views kbowles3 View Listing chevron_right
Juvenile Bearded Dragon $200
I have for sell a 6 month old Bearded Dragon, his name is Venus. We are selling him because we bought the Beardie for my niece that is no longer living with us and she moved out of state and unable to take him with. We are not home enough to care for... Dec 10th 2017 219Views kjbrooks1 View Listing chevron_right
2 year old bearded dragon with everything included $175
We're asking $175 or best offer. This price includes the 40 gallon tank, UV light, tiles, rocks, water and food bowels, log, cricket keeper and all accessories. My daughters spent over $300 for everything listed. You get everything you need to care ... Nov 29th 2017 512Views Nathas View Listing chevron_right
4 year old bearded dragon with cage and all $250
Can no longer keep him, he his 4-5 years old named D. Selling him and his terrarium with all the fixtures along with some reptile vitamins. Nov 27th 2017 238Views Jessypayton View Listing chevron_right
bearded dragons $80
Hello, I currently am asking 80$ for each bearded I am located in Williamsburg . They are currently 1 year old, I feed them crickets dusted wth calcium powder daily, aswell as providing them with kale and carrots. They are very energetic and love to ... Nov 27th 2017 458Views S&S Bearded Dragon View Listing chevron_right
Selling my 2 y/o Beardie, Zeke $100
Hello, im looking to sell my beardie, Zeke, hes roughly 2, German breed, and doesnt like bed time. Im simply looking to sell him because i dont interact with him that much, and i figure he needs more attention. Im selling him with a 40 gal tank, bask... Nov 29th 2017 167Views DavidRG View Listing chevron_right
Witblit pair for sale $600
I have male and female Witblit dragons for sale. Needing to downsize. They are healthy and very tame. Approximately 8 mos. old. I will only sell as a pair/$600 firm for the pair. Please text serious inquiries only to 502-257-3813, Paula (Shelbyv... Nov 30th 2017 288Views paulaburns View Listing chevron_right
Female Bearded Dragon $350
A female Bearded dragonShe's very friendly very well trained Had her for 1 year and 6 monthsShe's more interactive and more open hearted if you interact with her physically but not through the cage (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY)‼️‼️ Dec 3rd 2017 133Views king Kuma View Listing chevron_right
Super citrus 1yr old female bearded dragon $400
I purchased her at fire and ice bearded dragons. She has a pedigree. Tank and lights are included with the price. Dec 3rd 2017 299Views Thunder View Listing chevron_right
Hypo Trans Orange Leatherback Male $160
Hypo Trans Orange Leatherback Male. He is a bright and colorful boy with beautiful oranges, yellows, reds, blues, purples, and greens. He is a trans but does not have black eyes. $160 plus shipping Please check out my Facebook page @jimmysdragonhobby... Dec 3rd 2017 507Views Jimmy's Dragon Hobby View Listing chevron_right
2 bearded dragons and enclosure $650
I will be going to college and am unable to bring my bearded dragons with me. Saffira (female) is a hypo normal scale. Sebastion (male) is a trans leatherback with an eclipsed eye. Both have blue bars that show best in sunlight. I would like them to ... Dec 4th 2017 238Views LittleZombi View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon and Terrarium $300
-4 month old bearded dragon for sale!-40 Gallon terrarium-Wood Decor-1 day time heating basking bulb-2 light fixtures-I love my beardie but can't keep up with 2 pets! Dec 4th 2017 130Views eringnzlz View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon and cage for sale $70
Selling male bearded dragon with cage Text me if interested 763-222-9961 Dec 4th 2017 329Views Martm200 View Listing chevron_right
SELLING Female: Baby of Red Leather Hypo Het Trans x Red Normal Scale Hypo Trans $350
Please email me at if interested/ would like to see pictures.Will respond in a very timely mannerHatched: July 27, 2017Paid $600. * Price is negotiable * Dec 6th 2017 84Views frosteddragons View Listing chevron_right
Male bearded dragon with enclosure, 3 lamps and container for crickets/roaches $250
Male bearded dragon, will include 40 gallon tank two lamps, water and food bowl and hides. Will also include a homemade container for roaches or crickets with lamp. Nov 25th 2017 281Views Kristinbrooke94 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon/ Habitat/ Accessories (Located in Statesboro, Ga) $100
Meet X. He's a laid back bearded dragon. In his youth, he was bullied by his siblings, and it resulted in a missing toe nail, and a nub tail. He's a year old, and will be turning two on April 20th. He enjoys running around. fighting with his reflect... Nov 24th 2017 297Views dkhr123 View Listing chevron_right
Boy Bearded Dragon $100
I am selling my male bearded dragon for $100.00. I got him a few months ago and im selling it because I am purchasing a chameleon and no longer want my dragons. Nov 23rd 2017 485Views Khrisst View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragons $300
hello i am selling 2 pet Bearded Dragons ones a boy ones a girl 300 and its yours and i might just work a deal thankyou Nov 22nd 2017 205Views Mike View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon needs new home $50
Possibly around a year old. Unsure if male or female, but have named it Peanut, assuming it to be a girl. She has a cleft lip, but seems to be getting better with the proper care. Am unable to take care of her any longer due to bills. Live in the Ren... Nov 21st 2017 450Views kpv19 View Listing chevron_right
2 juvenile bearded dragons $300
I am selling 2 bearded dragons. They come with the aquarium, food, cricket keeper, feeding crate, accessories, UVB light, basking light and infrared light. I am willing to meet up to sell if interested. I only accept cash. Nov 20th 2017 185Views Ashleigh91 View Listing chevron_right
2yr old Adult bearded dragon $150
2 year old bearded dragon, I believe she's a female. No tank included, however 20 gallon tank may be negotiated Nov 20th 2017 197Views kquintela View Listing chevron_right
Male bearded dragon (with cage ) $200
He is a male I have to sell him because we are about to move and we can not take him.Plz help him get to a good home Nov 19th 2017 187Views Ashrocks82905 View Listing chevron_right
Free beardie to a good home $0
He's too expensive for me, he's a little on the skinny side but besides that hes very used to human contact and very friendly. I bought him from petco about a year ago, he's free to a good home. I also have a 40g breeder tank, a tank stand, furniture... Nov 19th 2017 1,099Views Sethm30 View Listing chevron_right
7 year old bearded Dragon $0
I have a very very friendly 7 year old bearded dragon and the whole kit and set up for sale, not sure what sex it is, properly male, as its never tried to bite me, so it cant be female, joking... the set up is a 4 foot long by 16"x16", with heat mat... Nov 19th 2017 292Views Goldwing Steve View Listing chevron_right
Two Breaded Dragons. $300
I have 2 Bearded dragons I wanna let go cause I don't have the money to take care of them the way they need to be taken care of. No money for Vet visits either. They are 1 year and 6 months old. One is a male names Cactus. The other is a Female names... Nov 16th 2017 271Views Jlf771589 View Listing chevron_right
Male fancy bearded dragon $100
He is a little over 2 years old. Over 2ft long. He is my 11 year old daughters so he has been handled a lot, but now she really does not play with him. No health issues. He comes with heat rock, all feeders and a 40 gallon tank. Nov 16th 2017 353Views Courtney0315 View Listing chevron_right
Adult Female Bearded dragon $300
Adult approx 1+ years half giant bearded comes with enclosure and all accessories. Highly active well cared for. Nov 15th 2017 208Views JamesonW View Listing chevron_right
Sweet juvenile bearded dragon for sale $200
Selling my 4/5 month old bearded dragon.20 gallon aquarium included, can also provide a 40 gallon aquarium.All lighting included as well as a ceramic heat emitter.2 food bowls, water dish, basking log, rock cave, and magnetic basking fixture. Under t... Nov 15th 2017 146Views Rellumaeslehc View Listing chevron_right
Hypo Bearded Dragon $80
Selling my 2 year old bearded dragon. He's always been well taken care of. Just right now with my new job I don't really have time to keep an eye on him and give him alot of attention. He loves to be carried. He is never aggressive. Nov 14th 2017 319Views Tjeff1989 View Listing chevron_right
Male fancy dragon for sale $200
I got this dragon from petsmart. He is a great dragon! I am moving soon and want a good home for him. He is almost 3 years old. Tank, lights, water dish, food dish and tree included. Email for more information or negotiations. Th... Nov 13th 2017 184Views Ry_lukens4 View Listing chevron_right