The Bearded Dragon
The Bearded Dragon
The Bearded Dragon

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Orange/Red Male High End Bearded Dragon
  • he is an orange/red hypo trans Italian leatherback bearded dragon, he is super friendly and cute with unique characteristic(if you put ur finger in front of him he will kiss your finger). he is incred... [Read More]
San Diego Dragons
  • Two sandfire red bearded dragons that I believe, from researching about them, that they seem to be the Pogona Vitticeps species. At least the bigger one seems to be a German giant bearded dragon. Th... [Read More]
2 Bearded Dragons for sale, Wilton CT
3 year old male Bearded Dragon with full set up included
  • We purchased this beautiful bearded dragon when he was just one and a half inches long. My at the time eight your old wanted a pet that he could manage on his own to teach him responsibility. We took... [Read More]
2 female bearded dragons and a full set up for sale
  • 2 2year female bearded dragons for sale. both have an excellent tempermant as they have been brought up around a young child. both are handled daily. they are available immediately. genuine reason for... [Read More]
  • 16 baby bearded dragons looking for good home !! Newborn (born July 30, 2015 - present) $50 - $80 (price ranges for breed; size, color, etc.) Breeds include: Fancy Light and dark colors ... [Read More]
Red breaded dragon
Bearded Dragon
  • This Male beardy is year old leather back about 19 inches long . No health issuses. A young active dragon. If interested & wanna know more information text my number (469)5836508 Located in Dallas... [Read More]
Central bearded dragon
  • 10 month old Central bearded dragon for sale Includes 2ft glass cage UV light Heat lamp Heat rock Kids lost interest Text only 0400 226 004... [Read More]
Healthy 11 month Leatherback bearded dragon
  • 11 month leatherback bearde dragon with brown and dark orange hints. He is a healthy and very friendly bearded dragon. He is a good eater. I got him as a hatchling and his name is Stewie.... [Read More]
Duggie and Rosie
Leatherbacks and Normals
  • Selling 5 Leatherback and Normal babies, can ship anywhere in US +$40.00 for shipping. Local pickup in northern virginia. $30 for leatherbacks and $20 for normals. ... [Read More]
Bearded Dragon
  • My bearded dragon is about 8 months old it's coloring is tannish Brown very beautiful. He love strawberrys and eats mealworms here and there. My phone number is 864-558-8874. I'd rather you text becau... [Read More]
Baby Beared dragons orange/leathers/hypos/yellow/red
  • 8 week bearded dragon babies for sale! mom is a hypo orange and dad is a red leather back, there is a total of 11 babies 10 are ready to sell! All babies are great eaters!! I will ship them buyer pays... [Read More]
Chompers the Bearded Dragon
  • A healthy 7 months old and 11 inches. Chompers likes to eat a lot and is always full of energy. He loves to be held and cared for. I am looking for a good home and a Caring family to take care of him.... [Read More]
my beardie
  • she is two years old very healthy and very friendly handled daily. any question please email me asking 250.00 comes with tank lights and decorations in tank. ... [Read More]
Male bearded dragon
Red Trans Het-Hypo Juvie Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragon Babies and Juvies
  • Healthy beautiful red orange hypos normal, reduce 45 each,leather back 65 each for more info call or text 323 360 50 61 ... [Read More]
Cute, less than a year old nice bearded dragon!!
  • My bearded dragon "Mushu" is about 8 months old and is super nice and interactive. Email me for more info. [Read More]
World\'s Most gentle Bearded Dragon + Tank And Accessories
  • Sadly I must move on in life and part with my dear bearded dragon Curtis. Although she is a female, I did not know it when she was young (until she laid eggs!) and named her after Dr. Curtis Connors,... [Read More]
Male bearded dragon
  • Have had this beardie for over a year and just can't seem to find the time for him anymore, he is very nice not aggressive what so ever, he loves to cuddle. I believe he Is around 2 or 3 years old. In... [Read More]
Young Adult Beardie Male with cage and supplies
  • I have a healthy 3 year old male bearded dragon for sale. Phoenix is very good with children. I love him dearly but cannot find the time to care for him. Phoenix comes with: 1 cage 1 set of prongs ... [Read More]
Young Adult bearded dragon for sale
  • Looking to sell our sweet bearded dragon, Nova. He is about 10 months old. He is not aggressive, but doesn't love to be handled too much. The more he exposed to daily human commotion, the less jumpy h... [Read More]
Baby Bearded Dragons (Red/Citrus)
  • Please Refer to our stores website for all information pertaining to available dragons. Many colors and babies/adults to choose from.... [Read More]
By my young bearded dragon
  • I currently have a 4 month old hypo citrus bearded dragon female , kind loves People , I'm not able to give it all my attention at the moment , she's a little picky in her greens but we'll eat them s... [Read More]
Adult Male Hypo Bearded Dragon For Sale
  • Jellybean is a male hypo Dragon that will be 2 this coming January. He comes with a 75 gallon reptile tank, lid, light, basking branches and tile flooring. He is friendly and has never shown any agg... [Read More]
3-5 month old beardie
6 Month Female Bearded Dragon. (Lucy)
  • Miss Lucy here was a graduation present for myself, due to moving out of state, I can no longer take care of her. She's a tiny little fireball. She loves her crickets and veggies. Great personality an... [Read More]
The Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale *INCLUDES 45 GALLON TANK
  • Hello, I am interested in selling Puff, she is a GREAT dragon, the only reason I am getting rid of her is that my dog barks at it and she gets scared! I want her to have less stress and the best life... [Read More]
Baby bearded dragons
  • Healthy Baby bearded dragons for rehoming, contact for more information 3233388067 and can ship for an extra $50 to a different state... [Read More]
Bearded Dragron
  • Everything in the pictures, available for pick up in San Diego, CA.... [Read More]
3 Year Old Bearded Dragon for Sale (Tank Included)
  • I've had Rex for about 3 years going on 4. Only reason I am selling him is because I don't think I will be able to keep him on campus being that he's gotten so big causing me to try and sneak in bigge... [Read More]
Adult Bearded Dragon +Terrarium & Stand
  • I got this guy as a baby almost 4 years ago. I'm selling him, his 55 gallon terrarium with screen top, the wooden stand, the excellent basking light fixture, decorations, a water and a food dish, and ... [Read More]
Buddy Needs A New Loving Home!
  • Buddy is my sweet 3 month old beardie who loves attention... and taunting my cat through his tank. He loves bath time and for you to pet him under his chin. I absolutely love him, but with as much as ... [Read More]
Jevie bearded dragon
  • Beautiful healthy red het trans het hypo reduce scaled juvie male 8 inches, feeding on greens, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, crickets, dubias, waxworms, phoenix worms. Contact me for mor... [Read More]
bearded dragon for sale
  • this guy needs a new home hes about 8inches he about a year old comes with tank habitat and leash,am open to bargaining ... [Read More]
Baby bearded dragons
  • 100% hypo normal and reduced scaled leatherback hypo baby bearded dragons anywhere from 35$ to 65$ can ship out of state for extra contact me 323-338-8067... [Read More]
Adult Bearded Dragon
  • Tangerine Bearded Dragon for Sale -2 years old -About 430 grams Contact this email if interested: ... [Read More]
Juvenile beardie / full set up.
  • 4 month old bearded dragon and 40 gallon Exo terra terrarium. zoo med reptusun 10.0 Ubv lamp, repti basking lamp. terrarium is loaded with background rock wall, stone hide, reptile carpet, climbing/ba... [Read More]
Bearded Dragon and Tank/lights for sale
  • I am no longer able to take care of my bearded dragon. He is less than a year old, the seller believed he was born in Septemeber of 2014. He is a active and friendly dragon. He loves to run around on ... [Read More]
Bearded dragons + equipment for sale !
  • Greetings all , I am looking to sell my bearded dragons and all included equipment along with them. Got them both as babies,so they are about 4-5 years old fully grown or close to it. Originally the... [Read More]
Silkback and leatherback beardies for sale
  • I have 10 leatherBacks and 7 silkbacks that are looking for new homes they hatched June 10 and are growing and eating very well they are eating roaches greens and crickets they are priced between $75 ... [Read More]
Draco & LemonDrop
  • Male (Red color) 19 month old bearded dragon with custom built cage. Cage is 28 wide x 33 tall x 52 inches long, with 16" tall stand. All equipment is also included. Female (yellow color) 17... [Read More]
20 gallon tank
  • ThIs tank has clasps on both sides to seal the lid. The one on the left is broken, but the right seals it perfectly. Wonderful tank, hope you enjoy!... [Read More]
Young Fancy Bearded Dragon
  • I bought this dragon when he was 2 weeks old, on December 29th, 2014. About 7 months old. He loves lettuce, I feed him about 5 times a week. He eats about 100 crickets a week, with fluker's medley tre... [Read More]
Bearded dragon needs new home
  • Slightly aggressive, very hyper, loves to eat mealworms. Needs to be tamed more. ... [Read More]
Young Bearded Dragon For Sale
  • Male bearded dragon, 3 months old. Comes with complete cage, water bowl, plants, log, and three lights including a night lamp and two daytime lamps. Email: [Read More]
Adult Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps
  • We have some beautiful captive-bred adult Bearded Dragons for sale, and a variety of types as well. These amazing lizards are ready for breeding, and make excellent pet reptiles. When you buy a lizard... [Read More]
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