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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below.

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How to Order Safely from Sellers makes it easy to sell your bearded dragon online for free. We want the best experience for everyone looking to purchase, adpot, or rehome a beardie, so here are some tips to help make sure you're dealing with a legitimate seller:
  1. Avoid International Transactions Be wary of sellers wanting you to send money to a different country for payment. Even if they appear to be a legitimate seller, shipping bearded dragons is tricky as they are delicate creatures - so it's best to verify the seller is in your country before buying.
  2. Avoid High-Risk Payment Methods
    • Western Union
    • Gift Cards
    • Releasing Back Account Info
    These payment methods are not safe to use as you cannot receive a refund once the payment is sent. If you're paying with a credit card, only do so through a secure website (https) - don't give credit card information via email or over the phone.
  3. Buy In-Person Unless they Are An Established Breeder Shipping a bearded dragon is not easy and HAS to be done properly. If the seller is not an established breeder, do not have the bearded dragon shipped to you. An established breeder knows how to properly ship bearded dragons and will have a business name, website/facebook page, and should be easy to find online.

Bearded Dragons in New England: Great Colors - Many Leatherbacks - Many Prices! $60
Located in Metrowest Massachusetts. Easy to get here from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut. Sorry - no shipping, in-person buying only please. Very colorful and friendly young beardies! Citrus Males and Females in both Leather... Nov 8th 2017 148Views SarasBabies View Listing chevron_right
Female Leather Zero 66% Het Wits/Trans 50% Het Hypo $250
I have up for sale a 10 week old Female Leather Zero 66% Het Wits/Trans 50% Het Hypo for sale. She is currently chowing on dubia , small supers, crickets and greens. This little gal will whiten up as she continues to shed and grow. $250.00 SHIPPED. P... Nov 9th 2017 144Views Pittsburgh Bearded Dragon Rescue View Listing chevron_right
2 baby bearded dragons with 75 Gallon tank. $250
I'm moving so can't take them with me. Both baby's. Comes with lamp, 75 gallon tank, and accessories. Nov 9th 2017 83Views Jordanburns34 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon and complete habitat for sale $80
Everything pictured is for sale all in one bundle. -9 month old Bearded Dragon-10 to 20 gallon tank with screen cover(screen cover have a slight tear in it)- Tank pieces: Rock Cave, Wooden Cave, small plaster cave, and 2 pairs of fake plants.- Tank c... Nov 10th 2017 130Views Anais99 View Listing chevron_right
10 month old bearded dragon $150
10 month old beardie for sale! Super sweet boy. loves his greens and live food. Great with kids. I️ handle him every single day. Reason for selling is simple, my girlfriend is just terrified of his size so we're going to start small. I will inc... Nov 11th 2017 98Views Crystinaax1 View Listing chevron_right
Red bearded dragon with blue bars $100
I'm rehoming my sweet red beardie with blue bars. Male and very sweet. Unfortunately he just didn't fit into breeding plans. Asking 100.00 plus shipping. Nov 12th 2017 154Views Ckimmell View Listing chevron_right
2 female bearded dragons $230
Hi! This is mirage (top) and DesertRose(bottom) they are female bearded dragons 2 years of age looking for a good home! We have tried selling them for almost 7 months now DesertRose is the main problem, she loves everyone, except for me. She has an e... Nov 13th 2017 71Views ZimmermanAD View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragons for Sale $250
Male and Female. Both are less than a year old. I can not afford to keep them anymore and i want them to be in a safe home. Nov 6th 2017 116Views MariaHR View Listing chevron_right
Adult Bearded Dragon for sale $0
Adult colored bearded dragon, along with a habitat. About 3 years old. Email tony.stork@prairiemeadows to talk about details. Nov 6th 2017 113Views at stork View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon. Orange/Brown Coloring $200
This is my bearded dragon sammy. The sex of this lizard is unknown due to the young age of the dragon. Nov 6th 2017 95Views Rodneys View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragons for sale $40
Got 2 left they are crimson reds asking 40$ and up if interested please let me know I am located in San Mateo California u can call me at (510)978-8901 Nov 5th 2017 168Views elanmiller3 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon for sale in Dallas $100
Bearded Dragon needs to be re-homed. My daughter bought him as a baby with her own money. We aren't certain that he is a boy, but his name is Roman. He measures about 14 inches long to the tip of his tail. Nov 5th 2017 164Views Robin View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon 3yrs+ $50
I'm selling my bearded dragon with all equipment eg viv, bowls logs lamp and UV light). Reason for sale is my son who longed for a beardie has found out he is allergic to reptiles. He is such a loving dragon likes his petting and holding and talking ... Nov 4th 2017 255Views Sami View Listing chevron_right
Selling 16" beardie $100
I bought her from a local pet store and they were unsure of her age because somebody else had her before me and didn't tell the store before giving her to them. She's about 16" from nose to tail and very healthy, she lives in a 50 gallon tank right n... Nov 3rd 2017 151Views ConcreteNinja View Listing chevron_right
Collector Quality Translucent Crimson Sandfire Dragon $400
Contact- or on Facebook at Pokédragons Detailed Information: *ID- RED*COLLECTOR/ HOLDBACK QUALITY *Morph- Translucent *Bloodline- Crimson Sandfire (Gen 1) *Pattern- Thick Red & Orange Saturations *Sex- Male*Age- 14 Months *... Nov 4th 2017 169Views Magic Dragons View Listing chevron_right
Adult Bearded Dragon and cage $125
7 year old Bearded Dragon looking for a good home with a Dragon enthusiast! Nov 6th 2017 97Views View Listing chevron_right
Selling juvenile bearded dragon $40
Unfortunately I'm selling my 2 month old beardie. I do not have the proper time to care for him. All supplies can be bought with him including a 40 gallon Breeder, lamps, etc. Oct 24th 2017 398Views Marvh190 View Listing chevron_right
Adult male bearded dragon. OBO $100
He's about a year and a half old. I've named him Daxter. He's had one clutch with my female and they were very successful. He's very healthy from what I can tell. Very calm and also independent. Doesn't mind being handled. Oct 29th 2017 215Views logmay13 View Listing chevron_right
Baby Bearded Dragons $60
First clutch are 9 weeks old, 20 grams, 7 inches.Second clutch are 7 weeks, 10 grams, 6 inches.Third clutch will be available November 12thCheck out our web site www.AndiesDragonLair.comor email me at AndiesDragonLair@ for more information. Oct 30th 2017 209Views Andie's Dragon Lair View Listing chevron_right
Leatherback Bearded Dragon for sale $100
I have two bearded dragons that are ready to leave now from the clutch. Their colors are getting brighter every shed. They are used to eating a variety of insects: small dubia roaches, mealworms, and small crickets in addition to collard greens and ... Oct 30th 2017 245Views balbinemura0015 View Listing chevron_right
Zero Bearded Dragon $300
I am rehoming my 9 month old male Zero Leatherback Bearded Dragon, Gemma. He is a BIG eater and loves his greens and insects......crickets, discoid roaches and superworms. He is measuring in at 13 1/2in long and weighs 142 grams and still has a lot o... Nov 1st 2017 268Views ReptileAllure View Listing chevron_right
Adorable Bearded dragons $90
2 years old Bearded Dragon and his 4ft Viv also loads of extras like his carpet, decorations, bug food and dried food for him. His name is Alan. Not a huge fan of being picked up but loves tickles in his Viv. Eats well and sheds fine. get back to me ... Oct 18th 2017 386Views Benard's Reptiles View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragons $55
Only 3-4 months old at the max, got it way to small from a pet store and just don't have the time to foster it since I work full time, it's not sick or anything, still very active and alert, just no time to fully take care of the little guy Oct 18th 2017 744Views Daniel View Listing chevron_right
Fancy Bearded Dragon, 40 Gallon Terrarium and Supplies $250
Selling an approx 6 month old female Bearded Dragon and 40 gallon terrarium. $250. Dragon is in excellent healthPrice Includes ALL the followingthe dragon itself40 Gallon tank2 Dome Lamps1 Basking Bulb (50 watt)1 Desert UVB Bulb (13 watt)1 Thermomete... Oct 20th 2017 295Views DAllred View Listing chevron_right
2 yr old bearded dragin $100
Hey I'm selling my 2 yr old bearded dragon. Really healthy, comes with 30 gallon tank. All the accessories, food the whole. 9 Oct 20th 2017 261Views Joeycast87 View Listing chevron_right
Young bearded dragon $200
Bought her and thought we could handle two then got so much happening. We want to give them to someone who will have time to lobe her and care for her she still eats daily we just don't get to hold and let them roam as often as we thought we would. C... Oct 21st 2017 176Views Michael989 View Listing chevron_right
Most loved dragons for sale!!! $20
Top winning couple won our local pet shop costume contest. They have had 4 clutches of healthy eggs and I have 14 babies to sell. I'm not looking for a good profit just someone will provide a good home to these lovely dragons. Varied colors from tans... Oct 22nd 2017 739Views Dragonranelle View Listing chevron_right
Red bearded dragon $125
Red bearded dragon for sale with supplies. Have climbing rope, ,rocks, platforms and lights. Healthy and active Oct 22nd 2017 312Views pc7 View Listing chevron_right
8 year old bearded dragon for sale $20
I have a bearded dragon named Bopper, he was purchased when I was going through a phase and didn't know what i was doing. He is a very good boy and we love him so but its hard to care for him because we are busy. You can give me more money if you wan... Oct 22nd 2017 422Views lizardlover123 View Listing chevron_right
Red Bearded Dragon For Sale $75
I have a red bearded dragon that I don't know if I can take care of anymore, unfortunately. It is very skittish and gets aggressive and it's most likely because I don't handle it very often. I do care about the lizard's well being and I don't want an... Oct 2nd 2017 401Views lucimallee0322 View Listing chevron_right
Baby bearded dragons $55
Probable 66% Het zero 50% het hypo and trans. Normal scale -$45 leatherbacks $55 Oct 3rd 2017 395Views Boymom2588 View Listing chevron_right
Males Breaded Dragons $200
Both are males and selling both together. They grow up together and I want to keep it that way. They are both great loveable animals. Great with children also. Oct 4th 2017 236Views Kathyf712 View Listing chevron_right
Juvenile bearded dragons $60
I have 17 Available leathers hypo trans double hets prices range from $60 to $100 plus shipping. Contact me at 9168806505 or on my Facebook page sactown dragons Oct 4th 2017 490Views Swoodward32 View Listing chevron_right
Baby bearded dragons $39
Mixed bread of normal and citrus bearded dragons. Only 4 months old born on 17May17. Chose your gender based on what is available. Newest hatchlings are expected to be born 05Oct17 and another clutch hatching in December. Buyer pays shipping cost. Oct 4th 2017 320Views Heart 2 Heart Pets and Supplies View Listing chevron_right
Pair Of Bearded Dragons. Citrus Hypo Male 400 Grams. Red Tiger Leatherback Female 300 Grams. $125
Pair of bearded dragons. Citrus hypo male 400 grams. Red tiger Leatherback female 300 grams. Will not separate due to them Being housed together. Both very friendly and have been handled by children without any problem. Planned on bre... Oct 5th 2017 546Views sukhmandeepsingh0 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon for sale! $100
I'm selling my 6/7 month male bearded dragon. Not aggressive. Price is negotiable. I'm located in Miami, Florida and if looking to buy in my area I could meet up halfway. Oct 7th 2017 129Views Ruizlaura91011 View Listing chevron_right
2 healthy bearded dragon for sale!!! + 2 cages, decorations, lights, ect... $500
2 gorgeous 1-year-old bearded dragon for sale! and they also come with 2 cages, 3 decorations, 2 heat lights, 2 normal lights, 4 feeding bowls, and the food left from before. 1 female and 1 male bearded dragon, just the cages, decorations, and lights... Oct 8th 2017 241Views kkshen View Listing chevron_right
Juniper the Young Bearded Dragon $40
Juniper is a loving cuddly young dragon. He is not quite a year old. I do not have enough time for Juniper these days and I want him to have a loving home that will give him more attention. Oct 8th 2017 266Views rachelbrooks View Listing chevron_right
Male bearded dragon $80
Male Juvenile beardie, asking $100 Canadian (or $79.76 american). Red line double het for translucent and hypo. Eats greens and feeder bugs very well. energetic, asking lower price due to tail nip. Located in St Catharines, ON Oct 10th 2017 162Views Oouna View Listing chevron_right
About a year old awesome male Beardie $200
Sweet little guy just not the right pet for us! Would sell tank and ALL accessories for $250-$200 Oct 16th 2017 191Views Aritter414 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon w/ Accessories and Dubia Roach Colony $300
This is my bearded dragon, comes with 2 dishes for water and vegetation, hiding area to get away from the heat, basking log all in a 40 gal tank, and a decent sized dubia roach colony. Contact me for more details or pictures.Location: Baton Rouge, Lo... Oct 16th 2017 148Views Jeffrey.Brignac View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon for sale $100
I have a 2 year old bearded dragon for sale. He doesn't have any health issues. I have everything you would need to take care of him habitat, stuff for climbing, heat and uv lamps, and food. I don't want to get rid of him but unfortunately I have to.... Oct 16th 2017 222Views Spartansman55 View Listing chevron_right
Selling a bearded dragon and set up. $250
A bearded dragon, 40 gallon tank, lights, heater. I just can't take care of it. That's why I'm selling it... Oct 17th 2017 149Views manny93458 View Listing chevron_right
2 healthy bearded dragons, both under a year old (8-10 mos) , 2 habitats, habitat decorations, feeding supplies (cricket tote, calcium powder, vitamin powder, food bowls) $200
Hi, I bought these bearded dragons while I was away at school, living alone. I love them, but I recently adopted a puppy and I do not have the time to give both a puppy and two bearded dragons attention. These bearded dragons, one male (Kane) and one... Sep 26th 2017 638Views nicksabbia View Listing chevron_right
Baby Bearded Dragon $40
I have a dragon about 12 inches long for sale. I am asking $40.00. This is for the bearded dragon only. Serious Buyers only Please. Sep 28th 2017 470Views kitty313 View Listing chevron_right
1 year old citrus beardie & tank for sale IN CT! $180
I have a 1 year old, very friendly! He is a citrus het translucent bearded dragon named Yoshi, tank with everything in it is included. Bought yoshi for $80.00 40 gallon Black Zilla tank w/ accessories $200.00 any questions please contact me! Thanks. Sep 28th 2017 378Views Yoshi16 View Listing chevron_right
Citrus orange leatherback bearded dragon $125
Citrus orange leatherback bearded dragon They LOVE to be held. 6 months old ready for sale $250 including their SETUP for more detail please contact us Oct 1st 2017 634Views consty00125 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon (Yellow/Red lining) $100
This is my bearded dragon He is a male and a great dragon to mate with eggs we're always fertile and came out good he just had a batch the babies were yellow and gold. Im selling him because im in school right now an I dont have the time to keep care... Oct 1st 2017 256Views MDunham01 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon for sale. $50
6 month old bearded dragon for sale, healthy, eats lots of crickets and veggies. Her favorites include squash basil and kale. Can no longer afford her so please email or text with offers of any amount at or 501-413-3585. Incl... Sep 21st 2017 534Views Willredwine123 View Listing chevron_right
Black bearded dragons $250
Black bearded dragon, male, kid friendly, having a baby so needing him gone. I also have a female for the same price. Sep 21st 2017 620Views Maddie_888 View Listing chevron_right
Dunner Female Bearded Dragon $250
She's just under a year old. She is a rescue I got from work. She has high beautiful colors and is very loving. I believe she broke her arm at one point, due to it being slightly misshaped. But like I said, she's a rescue. And she gets around normall... Sep 20th 2017 717Views Vadershomegirl View Listing chevron_right
Pair of bearded dragons. Citrus hypo male 400 grams. Red tiger Leatherback female 300 grams. $100
Pair of bearded dragons. Citrus hypo male 400 grams. Red tiger Leatherback female 300 grams. Will not seperate due to them Being housed together. Both very friendly and have been handled by children without any problem. Planned on breeding but dont h... Sep 21st 2017 1,245Views Vanessaopr001 View Listing chevron_right
Male bearded dragon for sale $40
DRAGON AND COLLECTION/COURIERS ONLY Looking to rehome Xavier. Due to a change in home circumstances, I can no longer take care of him. He is 1 year and 4/5 months old. Sheds well, though made need some help when shedding his tail. He is fine with bei... Sep 24th 2017 615Views Skylermae View Listing chevron_right
6 year old, 19 inch w/ tank and lights included $200
Looking to find our bearded dragon a new home. We took him from a family member when they could not care for him anymore, but we are not experienced reptile owners and he's probably stressed out by our cat. We just want to get him to someone who can ... Sep 24th 2017 525Views NshvilleTiger View Listing chevron_right