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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below.

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How to Order Safely from Sellers makes it easy to sell your bearded dragon online for free. We want the best experience for everyone looking to purchase, adpot, or rehome a beardie, so here are some tips to help make sure you're dealing with a legitimate seller:
  1. Avoid International Transactions Be wary of sellers wanting you to send money to a different country for payment. Even if they appear to be a legitimate seller, shipping bearded dragons is tricky as they are delicate creatures - so it's best to verify the seller is in your country before buying.
  2. Avoid High-Risk Payment Methods
    • Western Union
    • Gift Cards
    • Releasing Back Account Info
    These payment methods are not safe to use as you cannot receive a refund once the payment is sent. If you're paying with a credit card, only do so through a secure website (https) - don't give credit card information via email or over the phone.
  3. Buy In-Person Unless they Are An Established Breeder Shipping a bearded dragon is not easy and HAS to be done properly. If the seller is not an established breeder, do not have the bearded dragon shipped to you. An established breeder knows how to properly ship bearded dragons and will have a business name, website/facebook page, and should be easy to find online.

Dark Yellow/Cirtus Adult Bearded Dragon for sale $250
This is an adult bearded dragon. Can no longer provide the same love and care as before due to never being home as often, so I would love to give him to someone who can provide the time and love to Cairo (his name). He comes with a 40 gallon tank, uv... Mar 16th 2019 406Views Ratsoca View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon $75
He's 4 years old never bit anyone. You get every you see in the pictures and the lights I have a daylight and a night light bulb they are both on a timer and they switch automatically the reason I'm selling him is i don't have time for him anymore I ... Mar 17th 2019 728Views Jose65 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon for sale $60
I have a Bearded Dragon for sale. 1 year old Eating live and .dry food, absolutely loves cucumbers, peppers and apples.Dm for more info Mar 18th 2019 815Views queenreptiles View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragons available $0
We have a variety of bearded dragons available Zeroes , and Microscale leatherback orange stripe x citrus 1 hypo and 1 normal stunning babies ready now Mar 25th 2019 3,215Views MC2002 View Listing chevron_right
hypo translucent coral red bearded dragons $100
I have some hypo trans coral red bearded dragons theyare 8 weeks old, they are all eating and shedding well. Mar 21st 2019 957Views ashleyrou View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon babies, gorgeous Genetic Stripe x Dunners $90
Gorgeous clutch of true genetic stripe X dunner Bearded Dragons hatched around 17/11/18. Father is a translucent (black eyed) het hypo genetic stripe normal scale, mother is a high red hypo (clear nails) het translucent dunner normal scale. Both pare... Mar 21st 2019 992Views nic29 View Listing chevron_right
adult Female Hypo trans coral red dragon $120
I have a sub adult hypo trans coral red female she was a hold back but I unffortunalty need to let a few go due to change in circumstances. Eats everything in sight sheds well. Collectors quality. And still getting better with each shed. Mar 21st 2019 901Views Donn View Listing chevron_right
adult female bearded dragon $250
Sweet adult female bearded dragon. Bright colors and great disposition, 5 years old. No health issue. Habitat also available. Pickup only if you want the habitat as well as LizzieLou. Will meet within 50 miles of Spartanburg, sc if only getting Lizzi... Mar 23rd 2019 358Views smileyface29340 View Listing chevron_right
2 month old bearded dragon $300
I purchased Glizzy about a month ago, he's healthy eats fine, very active and loving. I'm just not sure if I'm doing the necessary things to keep him happy. Glizzy comes with everything he needs, food, his shelter, calcium and everything else. I can ... Mar 23rd 2019 324Views naydabrat View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon About 5 months $100
His Name Is Brodie, He's about 5 months now, He's Healthy, nothing is wrong. I Am Asking For $100 or Best Offer. Comes With Tank, & lights. I Will Accept Cash, And Cash App. Mar 24th 2019 386Views njae300 View Listing chevron_right
Baby German giant reduced scale rainbow tiger bearded dragon for sale $150
She was born on 24th of October 2018 she has hurt her eye however nothing serious she is a German giant reduced scale rainbow tiger. Only selling the bearded dragon no shipping will deliver if close or collect Mar 24th 2019 536Views Modestas View Listing chevron_right
Sweetest docile 14 month beardie for sale $400
I love her. Her name is Roxie and this is very hard to do ðŸ'" I really want to re-home her to someone who specializes in beardies, knows how to properly care for them (feeding lighting love). She just got a clean bill of health (including fecal bl... Mar 25th 2019 395Views beardielove View Listing chevron_right
Lonely dragon needing new loving family $250
My younger brother was (stupidly) allowed to get this dragon around 3(ish) years ago, from Pet smart. He eventually lost interest in it and now it's just my mom and I taking care of it, but we're not as informed and enthusiastic as we should be - as ... Mar 25th 2019 324Views esmith9424 View Listing chevron_right
1 year old bearded Drsgon $140
Hugo is anwesome beardie. He is a little over one year old I have had him since birth. He is extremely healthy happy and good looking. Mar 25th 2019 214Views SRC5451 View Listing chevron_right
2 beareded dragons $200
Hi, I have 2 bearded dragons one is 4 years old and the other is about 2 years old and for both them, lights, tank and food and what's in the tanks I'm asking $200 and for one is $100 I'm in need to find them a good home ASAP. Thank you Mar 25th 2019 219Views Kay01 View Listing chevron_right
LB Partial trans het hypo $200
For Sale Only ** LB Partial Trans Het Hypo Virgin Good weigth 8 months 3 weeks old ** Pm meText .....2062381548 Feb 19th 2019 716Views marymarymaryday View Listing chevron_right
LB Partial Trans Het Hypo $150
For Sale Only**LB Partial Trans Het HypoVirginGood weigth8 months 3 weeks oldText 4434028906 Feb 21st 2019 779Views monibleny View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon for Sale $240
Hi, I am selling my 10-week old bearded dragon. I am including all the items needed to raise a bearded dragon such as the lights, the tank, and all the decor within the tank. Dragon is in great health and I am willing to negotiate the price. Feb 21st 2019 967Views chk16c View Listing chevron_right
Adult female healthy bearded dragon ð...¸Ââ€°.........Female hypo trans leather back dunner bearded dragon. $350
Female hypo trans leather back dunner bearded dragon ....she needs a new home serious inquiries only please Feb 22nd 2019 861Views Sincere View Listing chevron_right
Female bearded dragon $400
Kiki is about 10-12 months old. She comes with a fully set up terrarium. Has been well looked after but is need of a new loving home plsPls note; a reptile license is required in qld for all reptiles Feb 23rd 2019 409Views Jennyc73 View Listing chevron_right
"Paradox Offspring" Bearded Dragon $110
9 Month old FemaleBorn May 2018She's in perfect health and she's very sweet. Photos make her look slim but she actually has a nice sized tummy.I wish I could keep her but I'm moving to work more and I won't be able to give her the attention she deser... Feb 25th 2019 919Views dragonmommy5 View Listing chevron_right
Fancy bearded dragon $250
I have a baby fancy bearded dragon that comes with 40 gallon tank and lights! Had it for about 5 months and have no time for it because of unexpected pregnancy and more work hours! He or she loves to be held and take baths! Feb 26th 2019 536Views Ronda2906 View Listing chevron_right