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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below.

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Nice orange het hypo male $175
Nice orange het hypo male. About 11 months old. Asking $175 shipped (in US only please) Pics taken inside and outsidePayments thru PayPal will ship him via Reptile Express Nov 27th 2015 19Views Ddavis View Listing chevron_right
Het hypo male orange and yellow $140
Het hypo male about 6 months old. Asking $140 shipped (US only please) payments thru PayPal and will ship him via Reptile Express Nov 25th 2015 73Views Ddavis View Listing chevron_right
Female het hypo rainbow $130
I have a beautiful 61/2 month old female. She does have very minor toe and tail nips from when she was a baby asking $130 shipped (US only please)Payments thru PayPal and she will be shipped thru reptile express Nov 25th 2015 47Views Ddavis View Listing chevron_right
2 male bearded dragons $200
New night shift job makes it hard for me to care for these two fellas, hate to see them go but they deserve someone with more time for them as I used to have. 2 male bearded dragons must go together if possible. Both are almost 2 years old. Have bee... Nov 23rd 2015 95Views Mindy183 View Listing chevron_right
bearded dragon and habitat for sale $200
I have a female bearded Dragon she's about a year old. I have a 55 gallon tank. furniture,bedding, cricket cage, and food/water bowl comes with it Nov 22nd 2015 68Views kristenlynsprat View Listing chevron_right
21/2 year old Leatherback Bearded Dragon $200
He's super sweet just seems bored and I don't have the time he needs. He is full grown but on the smaller side. Eats superworms dusted in calcium and vitamin powder and collard greens. Would come with a tank, two lights, powders for dusting, timer pl... Nov 22nd 2015 66Views kelseyyoung View Listing chevron_right
2 Bearded Dragons with tank and accessories $250
We have 2 male Bearded Dragons that were born June 5th, they are friendly and handled well. I am looking for a forever home for these boys as my son lost interest in caring for them properly and I have had to take on another responsibility. However, ... Nov 22nd 2015 52Views JmW1976 View Listing chevron_right
Two Bearded Dragon Lizards for Sale - including habitats - $50 each $50
We have two bearded dragon lizards for sale for $50 each. They each have their own habitat that will come with them. My children have stopped taking care of them and it is now my responsibility - I think that they will be better off in homes with p... Nov 19th 2015 90Views dozier202 View Listing chevron_right
10 month old bearded dragon for sale ! $45
Hes a loving animal and is very friendly. Hes also very nice in color with a tint of blue and yellow ! Great pet ! Not providing the tank and lights just him alone. Selling him bc Im moving to a place where theres not pets allowed . But hes in such g... Nov 18th 2015 161Views Rek125 View Listing chevron_right
Female Adult Bearded Dragon (Citrus Tiger?) $100
I have a female Adult Bearded dragon, I'm not sure of her age because I rescued her from a bad situation. She's very calm and laid back, she likes to be held. She loves crickets, meal worms and a variety of fruits and veggies, I have never given he... Nov 19th 2015 78Views sammich24 View Listing chevron_right
Adult female (tan?) $100
Female bearded dragon, approx. a year, she was rescued from a bad situation. She is a light tannish color, needs to be handled, I try to handle her and she tries to jump away or run.. she's calm if you keep your hand on her if she is laying on her. ... Nov 19th 2015 36Views sammich24 View Listing chevron_right
I no longer have the time to take care of him. Im located in Port Richey Fl. I will consider negotiating the price. I have a male bearded dragon. He is around 2 years old, maybe a little bit younger. He mainly feeds on crickets, and a variety of vegg... Nov 24th 2015 39Views JessicaPer View Listing chevron_right
Adult beardie for sale $100
Moving and can no longer take care of her. Comes with tank, a lot of various equipment, food, cricket pen, and etc.Email for more questions Nov 16th 2015 139Views Lela1994 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon pair $200
Hello i have two bearded dragons a male and female the male is a citrus tiget and the female is a normal i have a new baby and dont have time for them anymore they come with their tank and lights need then gone asap they are super sweet and friendly ... Nov 16th 2015 188Views Lakotasmomma11 View Listing chevron_right
Male and female bearded dragons $40
Had them since they were lil babies, Got them at repticon around two years ago.Always fed crickets with calcium powder and veggies. They are female and male, yet they have never mated. Very healthy, no missing toes, no injuries. Currently using zoo m... Nov 16th 2015 464Views Stef465 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Deagon Female $130
Bearded Dragon female with cage and lights need a new home for more info please contact me at 3053339377 Nov 15th 2015 197Views Stephanie15 View Listing chevron_right
2 Bearded Dragons for sale!!!!! $250
I have 2 very loving bearded dragons for sale. Ones name is Azura (the bigger one) and the other is Millie (smaller one). They are both sweethearts, Azura is more on the dare devil side where she climbs on things and jumps off things. Millie is the r... Nov 15th 2015 160Views hannahp123 View Listing chevron_right
Baby Red German Giant X Leatherback Bearded Dragon $70
The Dragon loves to eating lots of greens, and crickets. Very healthy and beautiful. They will make a great pet!! They are all very friendly, I spend lots of time with them. The more older they get the more colour they will get. RE... Nov 15th 2015 164Views Joey's Dragons View Listing chevron_right
7 month old Beardie with cage and accessories. $200
North east Dallas area. Habitat including lights, rocks, stand. Food and other accessories included. Nov 15th 2015 145Views Snyderc View Listing chevron_right
A few month old baby bearded dragon $100
I have a few month old bearded dragon. I don't have time for. He will come with a tank two lamps a mat a water and food bowl a hut a stick and heating pad and daily diet food. Pittsburgh PA 412-759-7443 Nov 14th 2015 185Views Raine.dyanne View Listing chevron_right
Zoe: Female Bearded Dragon 1 Year Old, Peachtree Corners GA $280
Female Bearded Dragon, 1 year-old, with tank and accessories (Dual UV/Basking lights, climbing log and hammock, water bowl). Total value of $280. We purchased two dragons (1 year-old female, 3 year-old male) for our two children. The oldest child has... Nov 13th 2015 153Views PeachtreeCornersGA View Listing chevron_right
Looking for beareded dragon $0
Hello I'm looking for a pet to jeep me company . I am wanting a reptile hopefully if anyone has any please contact me Nov 12th 2015 60Views Missy20 View Listing chevron_right
1 year old healthy and happy cage and lights included $240
50 gallon tank battery operated waterfalls several branches and house accessories Nov 9th 2015 197Views devon View Listing chevron_right
Juvie Red orange hypo het trans leather back $175
healthy beautiful juvie male red orange crush hypo het trans leather back 10 inches, healthy feeding on dubias,crickets horn wax phoenix worms and fruit and salad. 175 plus shipping. For more info please call or text 323 360 5061 or look me up on fb... Nov 11th 2015 227Views Duron O Saurus Rex View Listing chevron_right
4 red orange hypo het trans normal scales $75
healthy beautiful red orange crush hypo het trans normal scales, males 75 each, females 100 each plus shipping, feeding on greens and fruit, dubias, crickets, wax, horn, phoenix worms. 7- 8.5 inches in full length. For more info please call or text ... Nov 11th 2015 386Views Duron O Saurus Rex View Listing chevron_right
1 year old bearded dragons $450
Two 1 year old bearded dragons with tank and lights also accessories with it. I believe the tank is 50 gallons.770-828-5631 dave-Located in Locust Grove, GA Nov 5th 2015 198Views David Renon View Listing chevron_right
5 Month Old Male Bearded Dragon. $60
Cash and pickup only. Located in Yucca Valley, CA. Text only @ 760-821-5598. Nov 3rd 2015 73Views SoCalBeardies View Listing chevron_right
This is Mushu, he is a male and 3 years old. Very healthy yet I am struggling to give him the care he needs and find he deserves a better home. He is very sweet, and lovable. I will sell him along with all his things: -leash-40-50 gallon tank with li... Nov 5th 2015 294Views Tracy Chamoun View Listing chevron_right
Juvenile bearded dragon $135
Healthy bearded dragon looking for a new home. Comes with 20 gallon terrarium, food bowl, water bowl, nice size hideout, basking log, basking light, and uvb lamp. Oct 31st 2015 343Views Oneal View Listing chevron_right
1 1/2 yo female named athena $200
Athena loves to run around and go outside. She plays with my dog. She eats mealworms and crickets 3x a week and veggies and fruit daily. She comes with a 40 gallon tank, a bunch of toys and decorations for her tank, 2 small bug containers and a large... Oct 29th 2015 209Views Valeri View Listing chevron_right
Zeus $100
He's not even a year old got him January 1. I'm moving your way so I can't have him where I'm going. The homeowners don't want animals in the new place I will be moving to. He cute,chill,very health,and he's about a foot long. He has never snapped ... Oct 27th 2015 438Views Brandyn bishop View Listing chevron_right
Beautiful Red Baby Beardies for Sale $25
I have 20 baby bearded dragons for sale. They are one month old. They were my son's and now that he is in college, I would like to sell them. Both parents are red. My son purchased the parents as babies at a reptile convention. I have included a pic... Oct 25th 2015 1,534Views Marcus's Dragons View Listing chevron_right
Beautiful bearded dragon & viv & extras $100
Due to a new job in London, I can no longer give my beardie the attention she deserves. We live in north-west London currently.She is tame, has a very docile nature and loves to be held. She has experience of young children (4&7 year olds) and is... Oct 18th 2015 551Views Kelly View Listing chevron_right
Raazac: Roughback Bearded Dragon With a Yellow Beard $75
2 year old adult female Bearded Dragon ready for breeding. She is very docile and has a pretty yellow face. Oct 13th 2015 623Views Jamie Stephens View Listing chevron_right
Tiger: Orange Leather Back Dragon $200
Tiger is an adult Male leatherback dragon. He has a very bright orange coloration and a little yellow in his beard also. He would make a great breeder or a pet. Oct 13th 2015 273Views Jamie Stephens View Listing chevron_right
Hades: Hypo Translucent Dragon $300
Hades is a 2 year old adult male Hypo Translucent dragon with greens, oranges, and bluish colors. He is a very beautiful dragon that would make an excellent breeder. Oct 13th 2015 228Views Jamie Stephens View Listing chevron_right
Maverick $200
Maverick is roughly 3 years old. Oct 12th 2015 368Views Taystebbs View Listing chevron_right
Suncrested Citric For Sale 2 Years Old $80
Beautiful male 2 years old eats from your hand playful proven breeder downsizing are males call or txt me at 610 468 2138 24/7 Oct 10th 2015 621Views KMDragons View Listing chevron_right
6 Monthh Old Male Bearded $50
6 Month old bearded dragon.Black, light brown, and goldHe is getting too big and I can't Afford to feed him anymore. Also, I don't have much space for him. He's healthy and friendly if you're the person that feeds him. I have decorations in his cage ... Oct 7th 2015 736Views Garyllz View Listing chevron_right
(5) Three Month Old Bearded Dragons For Sale $35
I have (5) three month old baby bearded dragons for sale, they were born on August 10th. I am asking $35 each. The mom is a fancy beardie with orange/yellow coloring and the dad is a regular beardie. Some of the babies have inherited the orange color... Oct 5th 2015 1,105Views Sheipe's Bearded Dragons View Listing chevron_right
Pogona Vitticeps bearded dragon $250
She is 2 and half years old, friendly and healthy. She is almost 13 inches from head to tail. I feed her fresh vegetables, meal worms, and crickets. She doesn't like to poop in her tank, so I bring her out every noon and she poops on newspaper. I se... Sep 26th 2015 378Views Araz View Listing chevron_right
Baby Bearded Dragons $25
Both of our clutches of baby bearded dragons are ready for adoption. They are eating crickets and reptiworms very well, have all completed a couple of sheds, and are handled daily by adults and children.I am including a picture of their parents. The ... Oct 5th 2015 909Views Joe Dragons View Listing chevron_right