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The Bearded Dragon
The Bearded Dragon

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6 week old baby bearded dragon
  • 5 babies available. 10 more available in 6 weeks. These dragons are very active and tame, socialized, and love to be held. They have vibrant orange in them as does their mother. Need good homes to go ... [Read More]
Jesus The Dragon
  • Jesus is a juvenile fancy dragon, he is only about 4 months old. He was very chill when I first got him now he has turned aggressive towards me because I dont have the required time to take care of hi... [Read More]
4 month and 5 month old female bearded dragons for sale
  • I'm selling them cause I found a new job outside the country and have to move soon. I have a hammock, a water and a food bowl as well as a plant and a rock that has basking spots and hiding spots. I a... [Read More]
1 Year Old Male Citrus Bearded Dragon: Fire And Ice Dragons
  • He's a 1-year-old citrus male from Fire and Ice dragons. His color is a beautiful yellow, has a little bit or orange around his eyes and has all of his digits and his tail completely in tact. He has a... [Read More]
Awesome Juvenile Fancy Bearded Dragon for sale!
  • I am looking for a new home for our 6 month old male beardie, Dash. We currently have a female adult beardie who does not get a long with him and it is difficult to give them both the proper attention... [Read More]
Bearded Dragon for Sale
  • These are older pictures but we are selling our beardie because we are moving and unable to take him where we are going. He loves to bask and hang out on his branch. He's not super good about being he... [Read More]
2 Year Old Male Beardie
  • We have a 2 year old, male bearded dragon in perfect health for sale. He belongs to our 12 year old son, who no longer wants to take care of him (too many pets). He likes people and likes being hand... [Read More]
female leatherback dunner bearded dragon
  • -very healthy female leatherback dunner bearded dragon -about 16 inches and 1 year old -i bought her for $120 so this is a great deal If you are interested please contact me at... [Read More]
15-inch Female Bearded Dragon
  • This is "Feer." She is pictured on the right. She is about 6 years old and produces a lot of eggs with her husband (pictured to the left). She is tame and is used to being handled. Pleas... [Read More]
20 inch Male Bearded Dragon
  • This big bearded dragon, named "Tare" (or Terror) is gentle and friendly. He is 6 years old. He loves to just hang out on your shirt and to be petted. He has had a lot of exposure to chil... [Read More]
Baby Bearded Dragons for Sale
  • Two baby bearded dragons for sale. Born February 28 and March 1, 2015. Both are approximately 6 inches long and very tame. Gender is undetermined although one lizard is larger than the other. I wi... [Read More]
Bearded Dragon
Selling Beautiful Beardie and Living Accessories
  • I am selling an ~8 month old beardie. She was sold to me as a Fancy Bearded Dragon and as she gets bigger her colors are turning brighter shades of yellow and orange than brown. She likes being held a... [Read More]
2 Year Old Bearded Dragon
Fancy Beardie For Sale
  • Looking to sell my young (less than 6 months) bearded dragon. According to seller (PetCo) he's a fancy and a leatherback, however as he grows it's seeming as if he is not in fact a leatherback. He's a... [Read More]
Male And Female Breeding Pair And Incubator With Fertil Eggs
  • I will be selling a 4 year old 19 inch male bearded dragon along with a 3 year old 15 inch female bearded dragon. Along side of these beardies I will be selling a clutch of 12 fertile bearded dragon ... [Read More]
Handsome Fella Needs Rehoming
  • Beautiful young bearded about a year and a half. Belonged to my son who was not able to take him to college. So, I have had him in my care. He likes baths, kale, blue berries, crickets and super wo... [Read More]
  • #1--$90 #2--$80 #3--$80 #4--$90 #5-- not avail #6--$90 #7--$70 #8-- not avail #9--$90 These are high quality color morphs The parents are actually the two dragons on the far left of the... [Read More]
Juvenile Bearded Dragon for Sale
  • Juvenile bearded dragon for sale. He's approximately 8 months old and is very healthy. He's a tan color with red and green markings that become more prominent after molting. Right now, he's about 16&q... [Read More]
1 year old female citrus tiger bearded dragon
  • 40 gallon tank, all accessories inside the tank(rocks, mats, and dishes), RepCal calcium dust, UVB bulb, daytime and nighttime lights + light fixture, female citrus tiger bearded dragon, and a cricket... [Read More]
2 bearded dragons
  • Male is a translucent tan and the female is citrus orange. There color is amazing. Very calm love to be held And played with. 350$ I have tanks and all of there etc. ... [Read More]
Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale
  • Baby Bearded Dragons born May 2, 2015 (photos taken May 10, 2015 when babies were 8 days old). Parents are both Leatherbacks, mother is peach-phase and father is citrus (dark yellow/orange). Pri... [Read More]
Bearded Dragoon
  • Baby bearded dragon. Redish. Female. Highly aggressive. Any question email me at [Read More]
Bearded Dragoon
  • Almost A year old. The bearded dragon is a male. He's a little aggressive but you can still grab him. Any question email me at [Read More]
10 Month Old Bearded Dragon Needing Forever Home
  • This is Zeus, we rescued him from petsmart, he wasn't getting the proper care there and was left to die. He's very sweet and loving, loves to hang out on shoulders or just running around on the bed. E... [Read More]
Giblet the Dragon
  • Giblet is a three year old bearded dragon. We got him for my younger brother, and in the last year or so he has decided he wants to get rid of him. Giblet is very friendly, and loves to sunbathe. He e... [Read More]
4 year old bearded dragon for sale
  • 4 year old bearded dragon for sale comes with a 4ft viv and full setup im only selling due to him starting to bite my partner and us having 4 young children located in reading Berkshire... [Read More]
BeeBee\'s Dragon
  • Adult male dragon needs a good home. Looking to start off with a baby. He is in good health as far as I know,no missing body parts. He will come with 45 gal tank and food.... [Read More]
Breeding Female
  • 2-3 year old breeding female. About a foot in length, super sweet and friendly. Eats superworms and fresh fruit and veggies. She also has laid 15-20 eggs at least 3 times in the year and half we have ... [Read More]
Female Beardie
  • 1.5 year old female beardie Sweet, hand raised since birth Gentle and tame Selling 50 gallon tank as well as interior tree, food and water bowls and complete light set up. very healthy Ve... [Read More]
2 bearded dragons and 55 gl tank in Miami dade
  • A just like new 55 gl tank that comes with full decor and a large size cricket keeper. Full size male bearded dragons, full health. I just do not have time to take care of them. ... [Read More]
Need A Good Home
  • Delaware - A one year old bearded dragon is in desperate need for a good home. The dragon was bought for an eight year old boy who lost interest in about a month. We are the only owners to the dragon... [Read More]
Healthy Beardie Ready for New Home
  • Henry has been with us for close to two years since he was very young and is ready to move on. He was a gift to us from Petco due to having a dislocated hip. We are passing him along to anyone who has... [Read More]
Fancy Bearded Dragon
  • I am moving so i need to sell my baby. I sell it for $170 which includes: a fancy bearded dragon, a heat lamp, a UVB lamp, all decoration in picture. TANK IS NOT INCLUDED I really need to sell him... [Read More]
Female - Leatherback Bearded Dragon
  • For sale to a responsible, caring home: One 6.5oz golden bearded dragon, very calm and content to lay on you arm or wherever you put him. One 5oz dark fancy bearded dragon, more active and alert. S... [Read More]
Male - Golden Bearded Dragon
  • For sale to a responsible, caring home: One 6.5oz golden bearded dragon, very calm and content to lay on you arm or wherever you put him. One 5oz dark fancy bearded dragon, more active and alert. S... [Read More]
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