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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below.

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How to Order Safely from Sellers makes it easy to sell your bearded dragon online for free. We want the best experience for everyone looking to purchase, adpot, or rehome a beardie, so here are some tips to help make sure you're dealing with a legitimate seller:
  1. Avoid International Transactions Be wary of sellers wanting you to send money to a different country for payment. Even if they appear to be a legitimate seller, shipping bearded dragons is tricky as they are delicate creatures - so it's best to verify the seller is in your country before buying.
  2. Avoid High-Risk Payment Methods
    • Western Union
    • Gift Cards
    • Releasing Back Account Info
    These payment methods are not safe to use as you cannot receive a refund once the payment is sent. If you're paying with a credit card, only do so through a secure website (https) - don't give credit card information via email or over the phone.
  3. Buy In-Person Unless they Are An Established Breeder Shipping a bearded dragon is not easy and HAS to be done properly. If the seller is not an established breeder, do not have the bearded dragon shipped to you. An established breeder knows how to properly ship bearded dragons and will have a business name, website/facebook page, and should be easy to find online.

Fat boy my year old bearded dragon n full setup w other stuff $280
He's cervfriendly funny cute big guy he's ableatherback and I'm pregnant now so can't have him anymore my names Lisa txt me when ever if you are interested 6094955835 Jul 11th 2017 107Views Arodwifey1018 View Listing chevron_right
Adorable Bearded Dragon $100
2 years old Bearded Dragon and his 4ft Viv also loads of extras like his carpet, decorations, bug food and dried food for him. His name is Alan. Not a huge fan of being picked up but loves tickles in his Viv. Eats well and sheds fine. get back to me ... Jul 11th 2017 158Views Benard's Reptiles View Listing chevron_right
Adult Male Breaded Dragon And Cage Set Up $260
Hi I'm In The Process Of Moving And I Am Looking For A Loving Home For My Breadie Poseidon He's In Goid Health And Has A Balanced Diet of Fruits And Veggies And He Loves Dubais And Superworms. Posiedon is Really shy towards people at first but once h... Jul 11th 2017 85Views Shubaby7 View Listing chevron_right
bearded dragon For Sale $100
Hi all unfortunately I am having to sell my bearded dragon, he is around 3 YEARS old he comes with a 4ft x 2ft viv and depending on when I have a buyer he will come with all his live food etc Jul 15th 2017 68Views miriahlopez2 View Listing chevron_right
Adult Breaded Dragon $250
I've had my breadie for a little under 2 years now but can no longer take proper care of him, He is a true character in his own way he's shy with new people but warms up to you pretty quickly looking for someone to give him the proper love and care a... Jul 5th 2017 136Views Dimepiece18 View Listing chevron_right
Year Old Bearded Dragon w/ Cage & Other Supplies $220
Looking to rehome my wonderful and loving bearded dragon. Around a year old. I believe male, but not positive which gender. Beardy's name is Chipotle Zen or just Zen. The bearded dragon will have a rehoming fee. Beardy comes with Exo-Terra Glass Terr... Jul 5th 2017 200Views DorianChanel View Listing chevron_right
Female Bearded Dragon $250
She's A Medium Bearded Dragon Very Friendly . Need Her Gone ASAP . Can't Have Her Where I'm Staying At . Comes With Her Rocks Light & Tank . Jul 4th 2017 169Views Isaiah16 View Listing chevron_right
3 month old bearded dragon for sale w/ supplies $100
Hi, I hate to do this but I am selling my baby bearded dragon he is 3 months old and his name is Jax. He is a leatherback tiger and is approximately 9 inches. He comes with his supplies such as a 20 gallon (long) tank with screen top, T5HO hood with ... Jul 4th 2017 380Views Jaxbeardie View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon for sell $60
Selling bearded dragon very active and freandly one year old in perfect health likes kale Not shipping Pick up only Jul 7th 2017 245Views Hasonara15 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon for sell $160
Very active bearded dragon almost year old likes worms and kale In perfect helthSelling with tank and lights I live in Los Angeles not shipping Pick up only Jul 7th 2017 61Views Hasonara15 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon For Sale!!! $50
Tail cut off but in great condition i have had this bearded dragon for like three weeks now. Doesn't bite or anything he eats good and drinks his water everyday. Jul 9th 2017 229Views Kgwarren23 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon + tank/equipment $250
Beautiful adult female bearded dragon who I can't afford to keep anymore. Super well tempered, eats all types of beardie/human food.Tank, accessories, food and water dishes, and uv and heat lamps. No health issues, very friendly. She's about 3.5 year... Jul 7th 2017 152Views beardmaster View Listing chevron_right
Beautiful 5 Year Old Beardi - Free To Good Home $0
Beardie, our Bearded Dragon, is in need of a new home. He is approximately 4+ years old and is looking for a new home. He is good boy and very active. If you are interested, please contact me directly with questions. Tank, lights and other periph... Jul 11th 2017 325Views modoe View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon and cage $70
We are moving house and unfortunately can't take our 3 year old bearded dragon with us. He is very friendly , used to children and loves running round the living room and basking in the sun. He eats crickets, mealworms and veggies. He will come with ... Jul 2nd 2017 398Views Jessie7 View Listing chevron_right
Citrus Red Bearded Dragon $100
About 8-9 months old, very active and playful Eats about everything from live to dry food, including vegetables Unfortunately I can no longer care for her This price is for the dragon please message me with more details if you want her habitat as wel... Jul 2nd 2017 370Views mikethefiend View Listing chevron_right
3 month old Male leatherback $35
Check out mj_reptiles on instagram for more pics. This male is 100% het for hypo and translucent. Serious buyers only. Should have cage setup and lighting. I live in Fallbrook California 92028. I use and use FedEx priority over... Jul 3rd 2017 422Views joshuaeskelson View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragons for sale $75
hello are you looking to ad a new family member or to breed a pair or beautifully colored bearded dragons ? contact me for the best choices of colors.thanks for reading, contact with location and phone number, Jul 3rd 2017 775Views wixkitrr@ View Listing chevron_right
Looking to Sell 2 yr Old Bearded Dragon $150
I am trying or sell/re home "PePe"...he is 2 yrs old a very tame & likes to be held. He was purchased by my daughters 15 yr old boyfriend from a local pet store and brought to my house (of course without my permission) which I under the impressi... Jul 4th 2017 309Views Pam13 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon pair $225
Pair of healthy Bearded Dragons 6 months of age. Includes 10 and 20 gallon tank to house the dragons. All accessories included. Must pickup locally. Located in Wildwood MO. Jun 28th 2017 72Views herman8319 View Listing chevron_right
4 Months Old Gizmo $70
Well handled and healthy male bearded dragon. All toes, nails, and tail intact. Will eat veggies. Running out of room for him. Jun 28th 2017 401Views Keandrej3 View Listing chevron_right
Male Bearded Dragon $40
He's about 2 years old. Got him from a pet store. He doesn't have any health issues. He's a very good eater and is not picky when it comes to eating. He is not used to humans though and isn't handled very often. Jun 28th 2017 256Views dannyboen22 View Listing chevron_right
Pogona Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale $30
We have 15 Beautiful and Healthy, Pogona Baby Bearded Dragons for Sale. They are 1 week old and we have both male and female dragons. We live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We can not ship them out because we just don't have it like that but... Jun 28th 2017 342Views Sadelovesdragons View Listing chevron_right
Two Dragons For Sale $100
Both dragons have had no health problems and are each 6 months old. They are both males and have been raised together since birth Jun 29th 2017 168Views HotBoy View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon with accessories $150
Age: a little over 6 monthsHealth issues: none that I am aware of, dragon is kept in a sandless cageComes with:Bearded dragon2 heat lampsLog to climb onWater and food bowlHabitatIf interested, I can send pictures. Only selling to a good home. Payment... Jun 30th 2017 80Views Moebunch49 View Listing chevron_right
I am going to college very soon and I won't be able to bring or take care of my two male Beardies. The White Hypo beardie is $200 by its self. I have a tank with accessories that can be bought for an extra $50. This includes 2 climbing branches, a ca... Jun 30th 2017 399Views Andyruss1245 View Listing chevron_right
Adult Beardy with everything included $250
Selling a beautiful, active, & healthy bearded dragon along with: -Full size tank for adult dragon-Night (75) and Basking light (150W) & Bright light. -Water & Food bowl-Large decorative basking log-Half log -Worm platter/strainer -(1) Fa... Jun 26th 2017 215Views DylanAlonso View Listing chevron_right
19 in tangerine beardie $300
This is petey. He is a very tame large bearded dragon. Great around children and at a large 19 inches with a great tangerine color hes a select for breeding Jun 26th 2017 222Views Keatan23 View Listing chevron_right
Silk back Bearded Dragon $150
Male Silk back Bearded Dragon along w/ aquarium, water dish, rock and deco., along with heat lampMust go to a good home! Jun 27th 2017 233Views JJ209 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon with viv and accesories $0
Male dragon with viv, food, bowls, spray, fake plants, fake grass, wood, stones, tweezers, etc will give him out for $120 including shipping. Jun 27th 2017 553Views ema4christ View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragons for sale $90
Beautiful and friendly female bearded dragon! VERY sad sale but unfortunately i work too much to meet her needs! She has a wonderful temperament i couldn't fault her in any way! She is great with my 2 year old son and he pulls her about all over the ... Jun 27th 2017 653Views Williamson View Listing chevron_right
2 year old bearded dragon with full habitat $300
2 year old bearded dragon with habitat. 40 gallon tank, heat lamp, UVB fluorescent dessert light, screen tank top, hammock, background, water dish, 1/2 rock bottom, climbing branchPickup only (Danbury, CT)Payment in cash upon pickup Jun 27th 2017 177Views dnunes View Listing chevron_right
Baby bearded dragons for sale $0
We are offering baby dragons for sale.We have several different clutches avaible all with different morphs for more information you can visit our website at or call/text (601)381-7438 only a few left Jun 20th 2017 578Views cheewee61 View Listing chevron_right
Super red hypo female beardie $100
I am downsizing my collection and rehoming this lovely girl. She is 10 months old and is healthy and friendly. She will come with a large bamboo branch and a woOd hide/tunnel. CONTACT , thanks Jun 20th 2017 823Views thonybreed View Listing chevron_right
Female bearded dragon for sale $125
Orange female for sale. 6 months old. 10" long. Bought from breeder. In good health. Fed Dubai, crickets, and wax worms. Bright coloring. Can sell with tank and lights for additional $75. Jun 21st 2017 176Views sarah47 View Listing chevron_right
18-month old Bearded dragon and all needed $190
One bearded dragon 18 months old ,40 gallon tank with proper lid , also have 10 gallon tank for crickets and tweezer, water dish, salad dish, thermometer/humidity gauge ,Rock cave, small plastic plant, heat light fixture and basking bulb , light fixt... Jun 21st 2017 188Views Torymad View Listing chevron_right
Austin breaded dragon for sell $210
Selling beard dragon had it for a few years I don't know know age and I think it's a make not sure. Payment can be talked about selling tank if needed it's a 40 gallon tank Jun 22nd 2017 131Views Austin23 View Listing chevron_right
Loving home for bearded dragon $300
Hey guys! So I got my beardie about a year ago, so that makes him about 4. I just feel bad for not spending enough time with him. He is super sweet and has never bit any of his owners. He comes with a 50 gallon tank, 2 lights with an outlet timer, br... Jun 22nd 2017 134Views Dakotawagner01 View Listing chevron_right
Oscar is Here !! $550
Nice loving friendly bearded dragon here seeking attention a nice home and warm heat his is almost a full year old ! Jun 23rd 2017 183Views Tone91 View Listing chevron_right
Itsy-Bitsy Dragons - baby bearded dragons $75
AVAILABLE DRAGONS!I am offering one time only offer if any dragon is bought for the 6th run, if you pay for a dragon before the 6th July, it will only cost you £30 shipping within the uk only.I will be going down to the Doncaster show on the upcomin... Jun 23rd 2017 266Views itsy-bitsy dragons View Listing chevron_right
Baby Bearded Dragons $50
Hi everyone I am selling baby dragons!!!( I am not a breeder, I was told I had two males when I bought my two but apparently I got a female and a male lol) I'm asking one for $50 or two for $80. The first clutch of 22 babies will be ready by July the... Jun 23rd 2017 414Views buffie78 View Listing chevron_right
8month old beardie! $95
40 gallaon tank with some accessories, Frankie loves super worms and crickets,celery leaves, and cilantro,carrots. Have 2 heating lamps and 1 UV lamp,heating pad and rock.I am selling because I need the money. Jun 14th 2017 471Views Ricchini69 View Listing chevron_right
Male Bearded dragon $150
Selling my male bearded dragon. He is a sweet heart, but gets startled a lot. He has never bit anyone. He is around a year and a half. I wish I had time to keep him but I can't. He comes with a few feeder worms. Asking $150 or best offer. You can tex... Jun 16th 2017 185Views Toricrackel14 View Listing chevron_right
Real Dragons Without The Fire $40
Citrus and citrus tiger bearded dragon. Already showing bright colors and markings with some silver bars. Jun 16th 2017 685Views Micheledail View Listing chevron_right
Free juvenile bearded dragon $0
FREE juvenile bearded dragon. I also have everything you need for 200$-40 gallon tank with background - two longs - two rocks - reptile carpet-infared thermometer - deep dome and basking light -uvb floursent tube - healthy habitat spray- heat night l... Jun 16th 2017 645Views Erick View Listing chevron_right
2 Bearded Dragons $300
I have two bearded dragons that I'm going to have to sell due to moving. They are both about 2 1/2 years old, I know one is a male for sure and the other I believe is a male. They love sitting on the back porch to get some sun, and run around the hou... Jun 16th 2017 182Views Britt View Listing chevron_right
Male Bearded Dragon w/everythimg $200
Everything in the picture will be sold, his name is Cosmo and he is very active and loves to run on the carpet! Jun 16th 2017 169Views CrattleCrie View Listing chevron_right
Adult Bearded dragon for sale!! $100
Adult bearded dragon for sale, between 3-4 years old, female, good appetite. Jun 17th 2017 175Views Michelleannpatrick View Listing chevron_right
Selling a 4-5 years old female bearded dragon. $65
The beardie comes with a 40 gallon tank, basking light & fixture, UV light, programmable timer for the lights, food bowl, basking rock, and a water spray. Pick up only(Boston,MA). Payment can be in cash or through Venmo. Jun 17th 2017 239Views Elliot95 View Listing chevron_right
Selling my bearded dragon to someone who will bring him back to health $1
I want to give him to someone who brings bearded dragons back to health. I've done so many things wrong and I want him to have a better home so he's healthy. He's a sweet little guy and his name is Leo. He still acts like a normal lizard can run, sta... Jun 18th 2017 486Views Kamsmith15 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded. dragon $100
it is young domesticated. comes wit everything cage food and likes to be held.if you are in the surprise area i can meet for the payment but would like to sell before July 15 were. moving. Jun 18th 2017 173Views daveyboy View Listing chevron_right
Beautiful Beardie $200
Beautiful bearded dragon about 3 years old raised from a baby. Very sweet loves green horned works it includes everything needed Unknown gender believe she is a gir Jun 19th 2017 188Views Arieljuls View Listing chevron_right
1 year 6 month, 18 inches, bearded dragon $0
I'm selling my 1 year and 6 month old bearded dragon, from Florida. It is about 18 inches, with a great personality and behaves well. I've been feeding it freeze dried crickets since it was a baby because he was scared of the live ones and wouldn't e... Jun 19th 2017 391Views Cbehn13 View Listing chevron_right
Va. Beach: Beautiful Adult Beardie needs good home $200
1 1/2 very sweet Beardie. Raised on Dubia Roaches it's first year. All equipment included. Needs good home. Jun 13th 2017 235Views Almeeker View Listing chevron_right
8 month old beardie for sale $100
I've had her for about 8 months and I honestly just dont have the time for her she has developed slight cage aggression, but she hasn't bitten anyone her name is aladar I just want to find someone who can take care of her. She comes with everything. ... Jun 14th 2017 185Views Peyton2000 View Listing chevron_right
1 year old male bearded dragon $120
Bearded dragon needs rehoming. Name is Spike and is great with kids. We are looking to rehome because he does not get along with our other beardie. Jun 5th 2017 258Views Griffinzoo423 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon for sale $250
We are moving and it's sad to let Cleo go but we have to. Cleo is about a year old and is a very easy bearded Dragon to take care of. She will come with her tank that she is in and whatever food she has also. We are asking $250 OBO. Trying to find a ... Jun 5th 2017 276Views Michaela02 View Listing chevron_right
Healthy Female Beardie for sale $240
I have a female Bearded Dragon that I need to sell. Her name is Lizzy, and she comes with 2 cages (one is her usual enclosure, the other is her feeder cage for crickets), and she also comes with her lights, bedding and stand that the enclosure sits ... Jun 7th 2017 141Views elise0818 View Listing chevron_right
Fancy bearded dragon $140
3 year old fancy bearded dragon. He is very chill, and has no health issues. My life has just gotten to busy for my little friend . I have a 40 gal. Tank for him with a good amount of decor , a feeding dish and large water dish. Jun 1st 2017 416Views Chunter96 View Listing chevron_right
Lovely bearded dragon needs a loving caring home $60
lovely and friendly dragon it is around one year old Not got out of room for him he comes with a viv bought it will need upsizing soon, let me know if you are interested. comes with tank if needed, free adoption if local but shipping charges may appl... Jun 1st 2017 1,172Views Williann View Listing chevron_right
Lovely bearded dragon needs a loving caring home $80
lovely and friendly dragon he is around one year old Not got out of room for him he comes with a viv bought he will need upsizing soon, let me know if you are interested. comes with tank if needed, free adoption if local but shipping charges may app... Jun 1st 2017 416Views Williann View Listing chevron_right
 Lovely bearded dragon needs a loving caring home $30
lovely and friendly dragon it is around one year old Not got out of room for it, it comes with a viv bought it will need upsizing soon, let me know if you are interested. comes with tank if needed, $30 adoption if local but shipping charges may app... Jun 1st 2017 909Views Williann View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon for sale $100
I have a bearded dragon I no longer save time for. I'm pretty sure it's a girl. The bearded dragon comes with the tank, heating lamps, plants and anything else I have for her. Jun 2nd 2017 330Views Shyann10 View Listing chevron_right
2 juvenile bearded dragons $150
I have 2 juvenile bearded dragons had them for about 2 months, pretty sure its 2 girls. Cant afford or have the time to care for them anymore unfortunately bought off more then i could chew sadly. Just wamt them to go to a good home, they come with e... Jun 2nd 2017 265Views Lashayloves View Listing chevron_right
2 year old Leatherback Bearded Dragon and Set up for sell $100
She is healthy and very active. I am selling her because I am not able to take care of her like she needs to be taken care of anymore. I am looking for someone that will take good care of her.Sell includes:2 year old Leatherback Bearded Dragon40 Gall... Jun 3rd 2017 387Views nathan_brown22 View Listing chevron_right
Selling baby dragon $45.00 $45
Sex unidentified of baby bearded dragon. Dark desert colors. About 2 to 3 weeks old. Jun 5th 2017 247Views Tanner View Listing chevron_right
2 Bearded Dragons with Habitat $125
2 Bearded Dragons about 1.5 years old with habitat, lights, and accessories in tank. Located in Duluth, GA. Buyer must be willing to come pick them up. No health issues or concerns...we are moving and need to sell before move. We believe at least one... Jun 5th 2017 212Views Nykiab View Listing chevron_right
Mushu- Red 8m/o beardie $200
Red bearded dragon8 months old - we dont know the sexincludes cage, dishes, lights, light timer, calcium, decorations, thermometer, cricket container, premium cricket foodi accept venmo, cash app, paypal or google wallet. pick up only.Located in West... Jun 5th 2017 492Views Meghanmarie View Listing chevron_right
Adult Bearded Dragon looking for new home! $200
18 m/o, Includes 50g. tank along with many accessories, including lamps. Don't have as much time and money to take care of him the way I want to, so just looking for a good home! May 24th 2017 274Views Matthewwitsoe View Listing chevron_right
Will include tank free!!! Very friendly and loving, beautiful color, loves attention. Needs a good home!! $200
Less than 1 year old, about 12 in long, very good coloring, the most friendly dragon you ill ever meet. Even gives kisses. Loves being held. Work too much and havent been able to spend time with him. Needs a loving new home!!! Will include his tank, ... May 24th 2017 366Views Rwminnick View Listing chevron_right
Female tangerine $200
12 year old doesn't have time any more. Astrid is about 5 years old perfect health, very sweet and loves to be handled, she come with a custom mad about 75-80 gallon tank with stand on bottom and all assessories also a 40 gallon with handmade stand ... May 24th 2017 331Views Spenc2004 View Listing chevron_right
Selling Adult Bearded Dragon (1 Year Old) $140
Selling a healthy, 1 year old FEMALE bearded dragon. Have had her since she was a baby. She's very active and eats greens and live food, her favorites being dubia roaches and goliath worms and the staple crickets. (Second photo was taken right before... May 29th 2017 305Views Ajames517 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon and all shown for Sale $750
Bearded Dragon for Sale with all accesories includedBearded Dragon with Enclosure and ALL accessories $750 OBO This posting is for a Beard Dragon with the enclosure and accessories.The Breaded Dragon is a year old and is approximately 12 inches long.... May 30th 2017 249Views cookdav2 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon and all shown for Sale $750
Bearded Dragon for Sale with all accesories includedBearded Dragon with Enclosure and ALL accessories $750 OBO This posting is for a Beard Dragon with the enclosure and accessories.The Breaded Dragon is a year old and is approximately 12 inches long.... May 30th 2017 156Views cookdav2 View Listing chevron_right