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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below.

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How to Order Safely from Sellers makes it easy to sell your bearded dragon online for free. We want the best experience for everyone looking to purchase, adpot, or rehome a beardie, so here are some tips to help make sure you're dealing with a legitimate seller:
  1. Avoid International Transactions Be wary of sellers wanting you to send money to a different country for payment. Even if they appear to be a legitimate seller, shipping bearded dragons is tricky as they are delicate creatures - so it's best to verify the seller is in your country before buying.
  2. Avoid High-Risk Payment Methods
    • Western Union
    • Gift Cards
    • Releasing Back Account Info
    These payment methods are not safe to use as you cannot receive a refund once the payment is sent. If you're paying with a credit card, only do so through a secure website (https) - don't give credit card information via email or over the phone.
  3. Buy In-Person Unless they Are An Established Breeder Shipping a bearded dragon is not easy and HAS to be done properly. If the seller is not an established breeder, do not have the bearded dragon shipped to you. An established breeder knows how to properly ship bearded dragons and will have a business name, website/facebook page, and should be easy to find online.

Male Beardie Dragon For Sale $170
Rhodo is 1 and a half year old, loves hanging on the bed and very funny. He is cute and also a bed Beardie and loves being indoors.Owned by a lovely friend but now we are ready to let go.Price negotiable Sep 22nd 2018 192Views julespeterson54 View Listing chevron_right
Female Bearded Dragon For Sale $120
I feel bad leaving lovely Beardie but we need him to be in a more responsible and patient home who can always take care of him.Meez is a beautiful Beardie and loves the outdoor play.Ready to give it to a lovely familyAlso ready to ship Sep 22nd 2018 206Views julespeterson54 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon for sale $400
I have a dragon that is about a year old she comes with her cage lights and all of her belongings Sep 23rd 2018 158Views Powers01 View Listing chevron_right
White female dragon $120
Andie My beautiful white color dragon looking for a new family, shame to sale really but due to moving and new job have no space or time for her. Her Vivarium is available also for an extra price. contact or text your number for fast replies, thanks Sep 23rd 2018 659Views Carole View Listing chevron_right
bearded dragon plus setup Denver, Co $150
6 month old female needs a good home!! Including all set up and accessories Sep 24th 2018 157Views Shmambi View Listing chevron_right
Male Bearded Dragon name Diamond $225
Easy pet to take care. He is a healthy dragon. We call him Diamond. Because of the diamond patterns he have on his back. He likes to eat mill worms, greens, strawberries, and watermelon. He takes 15mins bath once a week. He also likes to take long na... Sep 24th 2018 190Views AO357 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon with Full Set Up $300
This is Nehru! He has been my best friend through college but I cannot give him the love or attention anymore! ABOUT HIM:He is five years old, hatched on 5/6/13He is 18 inches long and healthy and activeHe enjoys being around other people and animals... Sep 25th 2018 159Views jadeyg View Listing chevron_right
2 yr old Bearded Dragon $150
son claims it's a female. bearded dragon needs more attention than getting from here. Sell locally- will not shipDragon only Sep 28th 2018 119Views needahome View Listing chevron_right
Juvenile bearded dragon $300
She's perfectly fine, just having trouble with personal things. She about half a foot long and will eat dry or live food. Will come with food, tank and lights. Sep 29th 2018 114Views Jynessa1 View Listing chevron_right
Leatherbacks and Silkies (not on purpose) for sale $75
Hi! I'm not a breeder on purpose, I have 14 gorgeous babies for sale, they are 7 weeks old, and I have silkies (again, not on purpose) and leatherbacks. I am willing to ship. Sep 29th 2018 466Views Caeradwyn View Listing chevron_right
Female Bearded Dragon $150
Pumpkin is about 4 years old and she's a special bearded dragon being sold as a PET ONLY. When I first got her she had really bad mites, and her legs barely moved. Slowly I've been rehabilitating her, but now it's time for her to find her forever hom... Sep 8th 2018 199Views Steven's reptiles View Listing chevron_right
Male Teenage Dragon For Sale $150
Teemo is a one and a half year old boy. I've been doing everything I can to make him comfortable, but he's unhappy living with me so I'm re-homing him. He used to be a very good eater but once he started getting stressed he stopped. He's been eating ... Sep 8th 2018 259Views Steven's reptiles View Listing chevron_right
Very beautiful and active female bearded dragon $100
Beautiful bearded dragon. Shes very active during the day, has no health problems. I also have 2 others & don't have room for her Sep 9th 2018 288Views Thomasbest703 View Listing chevron_right
Philadelphia- 2 year old male bearded dragon with tank+more! $220
2 year old male bearded dragon. Includes tank, uvb and basking light and fixtures, decor, and random supplies. I am moving and can't bring him with me. Sep 11th 2018 308Views Maywhox View Listing chevron_right
1 year old male Bearded Dragon for sale $250
Selling my bearded dragon. Comes with 40 gallon tank, everything in the tank, heat lamp, uv lamp, calcium, vitamins, cricket container, and cricket food. I'm in San Antonio, Texas. Hoping to be able to drive him to you, if not we can figure something... Sep 12th 2018 206Views Dhoopes12 View Listing chevron_right
Five year old black bearded dragon $150
Popeye has been with us five years. He was my son's Christmas present. My son quickly out grew Popeye and I have taken over caring and loving him. He is healthy, but needs help when shedding. He really hasn't gone in any dormate state during the wi... Sep 14th 2018 224Views popeye5 View Listing chevron_right
Female bearded dragon for sale $40
She's friendly she's about 2years old and comes with the aquarium needs a bigger cage must sell ASAP my email is Sep 16th 2018 371Views Melanie38 View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon (Female) almost 7 weeks old $0
I am selling my bearded dragon for $70. I have a 20 liter tank and lights too if you want it for $140. Sep 17th 2018 234Views Chuck1025 View Listing chevron_right
Baby Bearded Dragons. $60
11 week old very tame (Fancy color) bearded dragons. 2 females and 2 males. I am a hobby breeder. They have great colors. I enjoy them as pets and hand raise them.Im located in Seffner and will meet you at a half way point. I can print out care s... Sep 18th 2018 378Views Kellybe13 View Listing chevron_right
100% Het Hypo Zero babies for sale. $75
Available 100% Het Hypo Zero babies.Dad is second pic and Mom is thirdI have 1 male and 5 females, they are 9 weeks old and growing extremely fast.Males 75$ plus shipping Females 135$ plus shipping Get your zero project running today Sep 19th 2018 412Views ManMadeBeardies View Listing chevron_right