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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below.

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Female bearded dragon. 6 months $150
6 month old bearded dragon for sale $150 include cage and bowls/ lights too. Whole set up. She's friendly and likes to be petted. Loves crickets and worms. Selling to ct area only. I live in waterbury CT Jan 31st 2016 96Views Jgbabyangel View Listing chevron_right
6 month old male bearded dragon for sale. $177
Have for sale a 6 month old male bearded dragon asking $177.00. Located in Chicago, Illinois and not willing to ship. Will meet. Very friendly, growing and eating crickets and greens). Can be reached at Jan 26th 2016 181Views dlwred6w View Listing chevron_right
Baby bearded dragons $30
Have a clutch of bearded dragons approx 4 weeks old. Located in Cleveland, Ohio and not willing to ship. Will meet. Have many babies to choose from. Mostly normals with some citrus and a few tiger stripes. All very friendly, growing and eating (... Jan 23rd 2016 419Views Home View Listing chevron_right
Young Bearded Dragon $120
I have a good looking young bearded dragon for sell that comes with everything you could possibly need. I will include 500 crickets with housing with food and crystal water. Vitamins and calcium also included. 40 gal tank with all decor and digital t... Jan 20th 2016 443Views Boss2012 View Listing chevron_right
A great juvenile bearded dragon name KING $100
He is very great with children and other pets. He loves to be on your chest and loves to be touched. He loves taking his baths and loves live worms big or small but especially the big ones. He loves collard greens and kale. He is very lovable. Jan 20th 2016 337Views Kayymariee26 View Listing chevron_right
1 year old bearded dragon Jacksonville florida $90
I would like to sell it because I can't give it the attention it needs and it's not fair to him. The habitat would be included with the lights would be included. He won't eat I think he is stressed out or because it is now winter. He just needs a goo... Jan 20th 2016 242Views Colejared32 View Listing chevron_right
Selling Bearded Dragon $125
It has become a hassle to care for and I rather him be in an environment where he gets attention all the time. Mostly all day no one is home so there is no one to care for him. Also if purchased a terrarium, lights, and decorations are all included .... Jan 12th 2016 443Views AgustinMunoz View Listing chevron_right
Very nice Orange hypo and het hypo babies $145
Orange and Citrus/Orange hypos and het hypos, some leathers and some normal scale.There are some tiger stripe too. Males and females. 145-200$ plus shippingDate of birth and pics of parents available. If you are interested you canCheck us out on Face... Jan 12th 2016 304Views Jazzy Reptiles View Listing chevron_right
Male Bearded dragon for sale $100
Very loving, great with kids, loves attention. He is very good, an amazing pet to have and he's full of energy and loves being out Jan 12th 2016 392Views Mariah View Listing chevron_right
Adult Dragon for sale $150
I have a sandy color adult for sale with large tank and lights all for sale Jan 4th 2016 275Views joker123 View Listing chevron_right
Hypo Partial Trans Tangerine Male Double Het $250
One year old male bearded dragon. He is het trans and het hypo and has a beautiful and bright tangerine color. He is ready to breed and would make some asstounding morphs. Born with a stump tail, but no nips or injuries in any way. Very healthy! Jan 5th 2016 156Views Private breeder View Listing chevron_right
beautiful healthy high in color female bearded dragon red orange $130
13 inch female red orange hypo het trans normal scale German giant. healthy feeding on greens fruit. dubias crickets horn and wax worms. For more info please call or text me 323 360 5061 or to see more pics please check on my FB look me up Duron Calv... Jan 7th 2016 481Views Duron O Saurus Rex View Listing chevron_right
Healthy Grown Female Bearded Dragon - South Florida $150
Unfortunately I am going to be moving around and cannot accommodate my dragon during the time. I am looking to sell her TO A GOOD HOME. My asking price includes her 20L terrarium, everything in it including a cave, wood plank setup, food bowl and wat... Jan 8th 2016 220Views jjmiami View Listing chevron_right
~New Year Sale 750.00~ Large Hypo Wit Male 8 weeks 9 inches! $750
This Hypo Wit male, #T1 just turned 8 weeks old and 9 inches long! He's the biggest of the clutch so far. He's very sweet and easy to handle.Would make a great future Breeder or pet. He's out of Nitwit a witblit het for hypo and Tabby a triple het ... Jan 9th 2016 179Views Rainbow Bearded Dragons View Listing chevron_right
~New Year Sale 750.00!~ Gorgeous Witblit Male 8 wks Almost 7 inches $750
This Gorgeous Witblit male is #T2 . He just turned 8 weeks old and is 7 inches long.He is out of Nitwit x Tabby a triple het with German Giant genetics on both parents side. So baby is also possible het for trans, Hypo and may carry the G.G. gene as... Jan 9th 2016 116Views Rainbow Bearded Dragons View Listing chevron_right
~Sale 275.00!~Handsome 100% Het Witblit Male 7 weeks $275
This Handsome 100% Het Witblit Male is #T9 He just turned 7 weeks old and 7.5 inches long. He's very tame and easy to handle. He has a tiny tip of tail nip, nothing major. He's 100% het for Witblit and possible het for Hypo and Trans. Sale, 275.00 p... Jan 9th 2016 124Views Rainbow Bearded Dragons View Listing chevron_right
Medusa, Sweet sweet Medusa... $350
Young female bearded dragon inherited her from a family member don't have the time to take care of her properly.... Comes with tank as well.... Serious inquires only, can be reached at either contact info...Email: Hanafiah.sarah@yahoo.comCell : (254)... Jan 11th 2016 140Views HanafiahS View Listing chevron_right
Very nice Orange hypo and het hypo babies $145
Orange and Citrus/Orange hypos and het hypos, some leathers and some normal scale.There are some tiger stripe too. Males and females. 145-200$ plus shippingDate of birth and pics of parents available. If you are interested you canCheck us out on Face... Jan 12th 2016 166Views Jazzy Reptiles View Listing chevron_right
Nice Orange and citrus/orange hypo, hypo tigers, and het hypo babies $145
We have several orange hypo and citrus Orange hypo babies available and het hypos. Some tiger stripe babies too. All have nice patterns. Males and females. Date of birth and parents pics available. Leatherbacks and normal scale.Prices Range From 145-... Jan 12th 2016 102Views Jazzy Reptiles View Listing chevron_right
4 1/2 month old baby bearded dragons for sale $0
Mixed breed- dad is fancy bearded dragon while mom is plain, some of the babies have orange coloring. Tame, good appetites, healthy. Live between Jasper and Hemphill , Tx. Do not want to ship. Prefer local buyers. Have 18. $50.00 a piece. Jan 13th 2016 130Views beardielover2 View Listing chevron_right
2 year old Female Beardie $150
2 year old female bearded dragon, really sweet. She has never hissed or bitten anyone or anything except her crickets:) her name is Tabi Jan 15th 2016 190Views Jacole0725 View Listing chevron_right
6 month old female beardie $100
Looking for good home to sweet 6 month old bearded dragon. Sale includes beardie, tank, accessories, and cricket keeper. Jan 15th 2016 196Views amyjoa View Listing chevron_right
Adult Male Golden Bearded Dragon South Florida $200
Selling our Golden Bearded Dragon. We are in Miramar, Florida. For $200 you get the 40 gallon tank, the heat lamp, UV lamp, the bed, small bowl, large bowl, climbing tree, tunnel for hiding, cricket food, calcium salad dressing, calcium powder, brand... Jan 17th 2016 190Views iamjess03 View Listing chevron_right
Male Beardie - Must Rehome $150
Hello,I have a male 16 inch long from snout to tail end. He has lots of orange in his face. I am looking to rehome him. I live in Colorado and he is for pick up only. He does not come with anything. I am currently accepting all offers and trades. I p... Jan 17th 2016 137Views inked4fun View Listing chevron_right
Sub Adult Female Citrus Dragon with All Supplies Needed $280
As in the title, I have a sub adult female bearded dragon for sale along with her tank (a 40 gallon glass slider), heat lamp, uvb strip, logs, food and water dishes, thermometer, diet food, calcium and vitamins. She is about 7 or 8 months old and a b... Jan 17th 2016 157Views KingHenryXVII View Listing chevron_right
8 Month old Bearded Dragon - MAXIMUS! $100
FOR SALE - Complete Bearded Dragon set up with 8 month old Bearded Dragon! My son went back to college and I must find Maximus a new home. 40 gallon tank, ceramic, heat lamp, tank, temperature & humidity gauges, tree, water dish and new carpet.... Jan 18th 2016 173Views Fab10271 View Listing chevron_right
Leatherback Bearded Dragon Sub Adult for Sale!!!! $110
Willing to negotiate on price (must pay shipping) . He's very active and a great reptile to have. I have had him since a baby and was a great addition to the family, but I need him to go someone who's willing to take great care of him. Please contact... Dec 30th 2015 326Views Ryan Tobias View Listing chevron_right
Fancy Bearded Dragon $200
Female Bearded Dragon, 1 year and a half old. She doesn't mind being out of her tank for a little bit. Very friendly and calm, had never showed any type of aggression. I'm giving her with a 50 Gallon Tank and Metal Stand, Double dome lights, 1 extra ... Dec 30th 2015 398Views kelly1992 View Listing chevron_right
ISO Red/Orange/Citrus Baby $100
Beardie lover here searching for the perfect baby! I live in Pittsburgh PA so no where that I have to travel over an hour for please. Message me for details! TIA! :-) Jan 2nd 2016 564Views shawnalynne View Listing chevron_right
Bearded Dragon 4yrs. Old 18 inches long with accessories tanks and lights and heat lamp $100
Includes 40gal.&10gal. Tank lights & heat lamp and other accesories payment can be arranged buyer picks up Jan 2nd 2016 420Views Buckie49 View Listing chevron_right
Amazing 1 year old bearded dragon $125
I have a 1 year old bearded dragon that i got i also have a small one but thats why im selling him because i dont have time for big one i want 125 but will take 100 the rehoming fee is to make sure that its going to a good home if you have something ... Jan 3rd 2016 154Views Turtle_king33 View Listing chevron_right
Adult female to good home (Orlando, FL) $100
Friendly and healthy adult (maybe 2 years old) female with tank, heat and slimline lamps included. Also: two containers of live food, cricket pen, Exo Terra spritzer, sand scoop, lamp timer, and thermometer. Tank is equipped also.I recently moved to ... Dec 28th 2015 556Views lelaxmarie View Listing chevron_right
Bearded dragon plus tank and everything she needs. $235
I am selling a beautiful 7 month old female bearded dragon with 40 gallon tank, deep dome with heat and uvb bulbs plus a mini done for extra heat, her cave she uses as a basking spot, carpet, log, and water bowl. Everything she needs besides vitimans... Dec 28th 2015 442Views LaceyMeechelle View Listing chevron_right
Selling 2 red bearded dragons 1 male 1 female $100
Hello I am selling 2 beautiful red bearded dragons 1 female which is a normal beardie and 1 male (het trans, micro scaled) with a second baby I don't have the funds to take care of them like I used too or time the female was bought at a pet store her... Dec 25th 2015 861Views Dkeum88 View Listing chevron_right
Fancy bearded dragon $60
I purchased my bearded dragon from pet co about two months ago, she is fairly young still. I just don't have the time to give her the attention she needs anymore and want a loving home for her! Contact me at 314-620-3081 Dec 25th 2015 659Views Baileya7 View Listing chevron_right
Silkback Bearded Dragon -- Female $150
I bought this beautiful female silkback in June, for $200. She's wonderful, but unfortunately I work two jobs and I'm unable to give her the time she needs for her care. Please take into consideration that she is a silkback, and requires a lot of mai... Dec 23rd 2015 935Views hrose97 View Listing chevron_right
Two bearded dragons $90
I have two bearded dragons, one male, one female. they aren't getting along. I'm moving and can't take them. I have two tanks one for each but you will need to get your own set up such as lights and dishes and rocks because the set up I use belongs t... Dec 23rd 2015 471Views izrmcpherson View Listing chevron_right
9-12 Month Old Female Bearded Dragon with Tank and Accessories $100
For $100 I am selling a 9-12 month old female bearded dragon with basking rock, two plastic plants, climbing log, watering bowl, and feeding bowls. Tank is 20 gallon and comes with three light lamps. Dragon has not been handled much, but is perfectly... Dec 21st 2015 639Views bearded dragon seller123 View Listing chevron_right
bearded dragons $60
9 week old baby beardies for sale I have 6 left and they are healthy and eating like champs. I have citrus colors and normal colors to choose from. mom and dad on site to see. If interested call 916-256-0232. Local pickup only will not ship Dec 21st 2015 555Views moore's dragons View Listing chevron_right
Baby bearded dragons $50
Baby beardies red and yellow phase leather backs born November 20.Eat like beast and nice patterns.Colors keep coming out.7 left.Sell local only pickup and drop off within LA county.Unless willing to pay shipping and handling.No guarantee on arrival ... Dec 15th 2015 883Views Bbwilson123 View Listing chevron_right
Sellings my two lights, heated rock, and pool $80
I just selling them because I sold my breaded Dragon. The lights works and the heated rock.OBO Dec 15th 2015 220Views Neqel12 View Listing chevron_right
MORROW OHIO 2 Bearded Dragons - Buster and Bob - 2 tanks plus accessories $100
1 year old male bearded dragons. Comes with tank, lights and accessories. $100 each. Son is going back to college and cannot take them. Dec 13th 2015 448Views kjones4423 View Listing chevron_right
2 male bearded dragons $180
I have a pair of male bearded dragons. Both over a year old. Very docile. The white one was a rescue and came to me with mbd. He was very frail and thin when I got him but after good care and supplements he is healthy but has signs of having had mbd ... Dec 10th 2015 633Views Mindy183 View Listing chevron_right
Red Bearded Dragon Male $175
Age 1 Name spike*60 gal tank*basking light led light(needs new bulb)contact me at steventao28@gmail.comsouthern californiashipping price not availbe at sec Dec 11th 2015 443Views steven28 View Listing chevron_right
Sandfire red (trans) 15 in. Carring owner! $165
I had Spyro since he was 2 months now he's a one year old, handled almost everyday, loves bathing, eats everything you give him, he's in good health, comes with a 30 gallon tank, lighting, bedding, thermometer.. for contact call (909)545-5738 Dec 12th 2015 532Views Isaiah21 View Listing chevron_right